24 October 2019

Digital entrepreneurs in today’s global world redefine the laws of business

The digital world has made everyone, especially those with a mission, become successful digital entrepreneurs. Let us meet Dhritiman Bora, one such success story

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Today,  many of us want to replace plastic products with eco-friendly alternatives in our daily lives. We know that from water bottles to food containers, the use of plastic is widespread. We are aware of the harmful effects of the use of plastic on our health and the environment but are unable to switch to eco-friendly options. 

To tackle the plastic menace and reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives, Dhritiman Borah has come up with an innovative solution. This digital entrepreneur from Assam is manufacturing bamboo bottles as an alternative to plastic. The bottles are priced between INR 200 and INR 450, are completely handmade, and made from bhaluka, which is a bamboo variety.

His interest in this venture and on saving the environment didn’t start all of a sudden. According to him, it was instilled in his life at an early age, following which he started his own company at the age of 16. With many years of experience in craftsmanship, he is now running the family business with his younger brother, Gaurav Bora. It was a real challenge to achieve the feat within such a short period. It took him many years to get the right material and design for the bottle. Each bottle takes a lot of time to make, right from cutting the bhaluka, to boiling, drying, smoking, joining the separate parts, and finishing it. The entire process helps the bottle to last at least 18 months

He did face challenges initially to sell his bottles to the masses as he didn’t find any buyers for the first time when he displayed it at a Delhi Expo. He shared that the first order for 200 bottles came from the UK. The person who wished to buy these wanted raw bottles, which means no colour or gloss on them. Until then, he had been coating the bottles with an expensive US-made waterproof oil polish till then. Having learnt his lesson, like any good supplier, Dhritiman only coats his bottle as per the requirements of the clients, in which he uses a coating of camphor and mustard oil for protection during the logistics. Since it is handmade, the buyers are impressed and often ask for the smoked effect on the bottle top.. For now, Dhritiman’s plan is to apply for a patent for his organic bottle design.

This could definitely not have taken place had it not been for the digital world connecting local people into the global arena.

This is what our mission at IDM too is for we make all our students global citizens and digital entrepreneurs par excellence.

This is the power of the digital world of today and we are happy to be playing a role in it.

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