31 October 2019

Entrepreneurs learn to use free tools to succeed in your startup journey NOW!

Entrepreneurs in the digital age need to know and be listed everywhere to help them in their journey of entrepreneurship

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We  shall help you in all the these areas to make you a success in the digital world.

Creating business cards

Whether we know it or not, business cards can be a deal maker or breaker.

The truth is that the first impression always matter, and if we want people to keep that business card in their purse, wallet, desk or on the kitchen refrigerator, then we must think of putting more work in the look and design... if not then your card will become part of a land field. More importantly, it will do more harm than good. This can also be done for free in sites such as www.canva.com

After all, most business conversations still do end with, “Let me give you my business card”.

Create a digital identity

The internet world is huge but to make a mark, you need to let everyone know what you’re an expert at and use that to boost your credibility and value. For this you would need to publish tips, share your expertise through public speaking and even try connecting with the media. This makes it super easy for people to associate with us and our business with excellence and expertise in the field we are in.
Most communities now have online forums/bulletin boards. These offer varying levels of paid memberships. This is worth investing in. Don’t delay purchasing a membership that allows you to advertise your business and USE IT as well. Every time remember to post with your business ID, your business name (and web page link). With this, you’re putting yourself out there in front of potential customers. Here, you need to remember not to get caught up in community drama. For, we do not wish to displease anyone and every post represents us and our business!
Give presentations
Speaking may not be the strongest part of anyone’s talents, but it’s the primary thing we have to do if we want to grow. Our speech has to be crisp to hold people’s attention.
If we do make or give a presentation in PPT (powerpoint), we must remember the following :
1.      Heading and body must be different in fonts and size while making a presentation
2.      Big Statements must be avoided (image and tagline must be used to represent the product)
3.  Images should convey the message so that text could be minimal
4.  There should be consistency here also. For example, Images if placed below the text must always be there
5.      Overlapping of image and text should not happen as that would make the presentation confusing.
6.      Selecting the right design for background is important in order to show the objective of the product/ service.
7.      Font colour and size must be proper while sending a message through your presentation. You can refer to Slide share PPT’s for your presentations.
8.      Recent studies, success stories, reviews and updates would add value to the presentation.
Doing this allows us to give out our small business website or contact details to many people who may be interested in our services. We must also create an elevator pitch for our business.
Creating such a pitch will also make it lot easier for us to introduce our business to other people when they ask – “What you do?”
An example of an elevator pitch : You know 85% of people want to start a business or are struggling to grow business. We help people like you to start/grow and scale your business using ESCAPE Mechanism in 12 weeks or less. Would you like to know more? 
Join us to succeed in the new digital world by emailing us at info@digitalmaketing.ac.in. 

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