12 November 2019

Digital Identity - The Ingredients of Success in this Ever Evolving Field!

Our identity is all about who we are. This is applicable, both at the individual level and at the industrial level too.  Shall programs taken randomly help us or do we need to identify the right ingredients?
Digital Identity
In personal life, we find a proliferation of self-development programs today. Business executives, housewives, and teenagers are all trying to enhance their worth by learning skills such as power dressing, grooming and etiquette. While these are useful, are these the most important ingredients necessary in life?
Is our value based on what we wear, who we know, how good our accent is? Or is what we are more valuable? A fake jewel may shine but cannot command the price of the real thing, just like a hollow person who, with all the trappings of glamour, will ultimately pale. Whereas gold, however dull, always has value. Of course, a bit of cleaning and polish will make it even more luminous, just like a great personality would surely add value to a great person.
In his book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Stephen Covey blames the growing indifference of people to the character ethic for our moral decline. The elements of the character ethic are justice, hard work, integrity, courage, and patience.
There are numerous instances in the history of people with average personalities who towered above their contemporaries because of their essential character. Mahatma Gandhi did not really have a great personality; he was average looking, did not have a great voice or oratorical capability and was not wealthy. Yet, he inspired an entire nation to follow the path of satyagraha. Mother Theresa, the nun with an average personality, has left an indelible mark in history.
Mere personality can never result in lasting value. One must add value. Fortunately, despite Page 3 culture, the situation is still not too bleak. We do have role models in APJ Abdul Kalam, Manmohan Singh, NR Narayana Murthy, and Sudha Murthy, to mention a few. All of them are respected for their intrinsic value or character.
Indeed, before we paint the house, let us make sure the building is strong.
In the area of education, this is again about evaluating how useful this is as per what the industry needs today.

Education and employment

Unemployment and demography are being discussed for the last several decades all the time. This problem here is not of the jobs but of wages and opportunities. It is claimed that with the business value development approach, systematic development of SME’s and its nurturing, eventually job creation will be achieved. This cannot happen without processes in place. We show these to you.
It is reported that there are only 30 million Indians formally employed. However, there are 47 million provident payers in India, 30 million ESI payers, and 30 million government employees and another 20 million NPS payers in India. This totally makes 125 million which is 25% of the labour force in India.

With this background, there is a need to reinvent the business processes especially in SME, which are the backbone of our economy, among other sectors.

India has 63 million enterprises according to this data, of which 12 million do not have formal offices. The business value development approach and focus on productivity are therefore key factors. We do need a strategy.

The problem of Opportunities:

The the problem of productivity and business value development exists in many areas. Agriculture is the most important is the important area of low productivity. Almost fifty percent of our labor force is engaged in agriculture. It generates only 13% of GDP.
Let us compare the information technology sector with agriculture. It employs only 0.7% of India’s labor force, yet it generates 8% of our GDP. We, therefore, need to urbanize fast and formalize all the sectors of the economy.

Issues in education

Let us note that many children fail in our exams at various levels and even when they pass, they remain unemployed.
Essentially, this is because our skills system is out of touch with what the industry needs. This is where business value development steps in. For example; in a country like India which is one of the fastest-growing economies, more than 60% of the industries are SME's or small and medium-sized enterprises.

Where are we digitally?

The world today is digital. This must be recognized.  Not just recognize but honour this by equipping ourselves suitably.

In the new digitized world one must reinvent themselves.  So, it is good to witness a healthy portion of annual marketing budget being s assigned to digital marketing with organizations hiring the right skill to drive their initiatives. As they are updated, all our  courses are extremely popular.

This is a new world. So, we do need to explore not just a simple course but we do need to explore a good course that is  completely relevant.

Many Business-to-business (B2B) companies are already getting great results using digital marketing tactics like SEO, PPC, Landing page creation, Social media and email marketing linked to a CRM marketing automation system or a simple email auto-response system. For this, you definitely, need to get to join one of our courses.

The first key to success is clarity. We must form a good process.  it is important to have a systematic approach to strategic management factoring within it some flexibility for changing circumstances. It is extremely important that a university is clear with regards to the position it wishes to secure in the world and hence this should guide its efforts in seeking partners, programs, etc. In doing this it should analyze its own strengths and weaknesses in teaching, research, examine existing relationships and resources at its disposal and work on how to leverage on its strengths. It is often useful to have a look at a national and global ranking standard to help inform the strategic management process.

The world itself now recognizes only people with these key skills. Do join in a proper course at Digital marketing institute before you get left behind. Choose one of the key courses with us to be guided in the right direction.

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