17 November 2019

Learn AI, Big Data and Digital education to march towards success NOW!

Success always comes to those who are open to learning and keep on learning new skills. The new skill today is AI supported by Big Data and digital education. Let us learn from and through it.

AI has immense potential enrich human life. It is now eliminating the need of human involvement in tasks that pose threat to their life and safety..In the digital world, this is new language and to move forward, everyone needs to learn this key skill. It is a necessity and no long an option in the fast paced, evolving world.

Even Google search employs Artificial Intelligence algorithms, to bring personalized search results to users. In defense. Autonomous Weapons and Autonomous Drones are being researched globally.

In our country, two of our country’s biggest challenges – Agriculture and Healthcare in remote areas can be resolved using AI.
  • In Agriculture, farmers can be given insights on optimal farming practices
  • AI can also be used in improving rural healthcare. Here AI can use Big Data analytics to advise doctors on how to give the best treatment to patients. Personalized treatment plan can be developed by AI, using medical history data of the patient and analyzing case studies of similar cases from larger patient database.
Boosting development
With 500 Million Internet users, India has a goldmine of data in almost every sector, waiting to be capitalized. Using Big Data to make use of this data, can give the much needed boost to Indian economy. Indian IT sector has created a thriving economy. The large number of IT skilled youth in the country is ready to drive change. India can now use the strength in IT to drive a new industry based on AI. We can use AI as an opportunity to become a world leader by becoming the driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Marketers have depended on tools and technology to automate their work and reduce the manual effort for a while. Yet, there has always been a gap in terms of effort and quantifiable results.

Intuition on the right audience and time to send messages aren’t enough to answer a digital marketer’s basic questions. Who should I reach out to? What should I send? When should I send the message? Over what channel?

The answer to these questions is the key to creating engagement and growth, fostering sales and building a brand. As these questions remain unanswered for marketers across the spectrum, there is another growing trend that can help them get these answers, and that is big data. Data is everywhere. Every customer in the digital space brings with them an amalgamation of data and is constantly creating new data for marketers to understand, process and act on. The problem is this: big chunks of data don’t necessarily make things any easier. They usually make things so complicated that the first instinct is to abandon the data and go by intuition alone – but this won’t give you the right results. This is where AI comes in. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can understand human behavior to the extent where not only are big data sets analyzed, segmented and filtered, but meaning is also derived from them. Earlier, not so long ago, marketers were somewhat reluctant to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in their digital marketing strategies. But this year they’ve gained a lot more confidence in using AI since its ambiguity has been reduced with respect to the results it can provide. These intelligent tools keep evolving more and more and are even reaching a point in which they are able to surpass humans in certain aspects like we’re about to see.

In a survey taken by over 1,600 professionals dedicated to marketing, 61% of those surveyed (without considering the size of their company) mentioned that both artificial intelligence and machine learning will be the most important data initiatives next year (source: MeMSQL).

Yet another research by Salesforce indicated that 51% of marketers are already using AI, and 27% more are even planning on incorporating this technology in 2019. This represents the highest expected year-after-year growth of all emerging technologies that marketers are considering adopting next year, surpassing even the Internet of Things (IoT) and marketing automatization.

Now, while the amount of information on potential consumers grows, computer sciences related to AI (like machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing [NPL]), will be of utmost importance when making data-based decisions.

We shall teach you all the areas in which you can use AI, Bigdata and digital marketing to create a new global marketing world where you shall drive success.

In today’s world, this is absolutely required for everyone. This is why this aspect is an important part of our digital marketing courses. We also provide certification in all these areas as this is required by all organisations for reaching out to customers is the primary requirement for all. It is necessary that we learn how to do it well so that we can be leaders in this area. This is not as simple as it sounds. We should learn about it. By paying attention to these best practices and doing regular work on our skills, we can beat out the competition and rise to the top of the search results.

In the digital world, this is an important element so we have included this in our digital marketing course. The world is now digital and we need to gear up for it. We need to learn the nuances so that we are not left behind in this fast evolving world.

AI is surely going to make its presence felt everywhere. We are certain this is only going to increase.

For, in the digital world, marketing must be done digitally to be noticed by everyone. So this is worth learning to succeed as otherwise, we may be left behind. Don’t delay your path to success.

Join us to learn how to make good use of AI, Bigdata and digital marketing so that you are digitally successful.

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