24 December 2019

Learn globalised skills for jobs and success worldwide in 2020 !

Increasing globalization, demographic changes, emerging technologies, regulatory framework and geopolitical scenario will significantly influence India’s job landscape in the coming years. With initiatives such as Skill India or efforts in the direction of investing in infrastructural changes, ramping up of micro- entrepreneurship models and boosting the start-up ecosystem, the Government of India is clearly laying out signs that it is up for re-inventing the business case for India.
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In addition, the rapidly changing technology environment is reshaping entire organizational structures and operations. It has led to the rise of new business models disrupting the incumbents, altered customer behaviour, reformed service delivery methods and operations, and most importantly, it has changed the way people work. Some striking examples that instantly come to the mind are Swiggy, OYO, BigBasket, Ola and Lenskart, the brands which have revolutionized the entire business ecosystem.

Automated tools
We are increasingly being automated using technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The key emerging digital technologies are creating new arrangements for labour market called the ‘gig- economy’. The gigs-based work model is moving the work beyond the corporate boundaries in terms of short, flexible, part-time work. These changes are certainly posing an increased threat of workforce replacement.

It is, therefore, necessary that India Inc. identifies and understands the changing job landscape and the emerging, new roles due to these disruptions. Further, it needs to look at the skills that its workforce currently possesses and the skills that it will need in the future so that leaders can devise solutions to develop these new skills. Most importantly, the knowledge temples of the country – schools, colleges, training institutes, vocational study centres, among others – need to be reformed to build a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and attitude.

It is observed that despite a huge population of energetic youth in the country today, the industry is complaining of scarce talent. To understand this problem better and answer what can be done, we conducted an online survey, the India Hiring Intent 2020, with more than 150 employers, across 9 industries  to understand their challenges in hiring the candidates they want. The leaders also shared their views on the kind of roles/skills the organizations would seek in their prospective employees, where do they plan to hire and what channels would they prefer to reach out to candidates.

Growing industries

 The industries which are expected to ramp up hiring the most are E-commerce and BFSI. Leaders in the E-commerce sector expects hiring to swing up by around 55-60%, while an uptrend of 30-35% is expected by leaders in the BFSI sector. A strong example of the hiring upswing mentioned for E-commerce above is the recent announcement made by Swiggy who is aiming to become one of the biggest employers in the country by adding 3 lakh employees to its workforce. Further, India’s sunshine sector, IT along with ITeS, BPO and KPO would be a promising growth engine for job creation in 2020 as well.

Positive Attitude And Soft Skills are essential

When asked about the skills that employers seek while hiring, all employers explicitly mentioned the requisite of a ‘positive attitude’ in the candidate, with the sense that a candidate with a positive outlook towards job and learning is more likely to do better in her/his professional career than her/his counterparts. The unanimous voice of HR experts as per discussions during the Decoding Jobs 2019 – The Think Tank Roundtable Series also placed a lot of importance on the attitude of candidates (further qualitative findings of the discussions held during the Decoding Jobs 2019 – The Think Tank Roundtable Series are mentioned in subsequent sections of this report).

Digital Skills

The digital world is changing and evolving.

In the digital world, this is an important element so we have included this in our digital marketing course. The world is now digital and we need to gear up for it. We need to learn the nuances so that we are not left behind in this fast evolving world.

AI and machine learning is surely going to make its presence felt everywhere. We are certain this is only going to increase.

For, in the digital world, marketing must be done digitally to be noticed by everyone. So this is worth learning to succeed as otherwise, we may be left behind. Don’t delay your path to success.

All of us must know this is no longer an option so we must take the necessary steps. The more one delays, the more the difficulty would be later. The fortunate part of this is one can begin anytime to begin learning, For, in the digital world, learning is truly democratic and global in nature. So, one indeed has the power to begin anytime.

We need to recognise this and world on adapting ourselves to be digitally able and skilled.

This shall surely ensure we are always productive in any area we choose.

We offer all these skills, so we are able to offer 100% job guarantee to our students.

Do join us in a proper course at our Digital marketing institute before you get left behind in the digital world.  

Reference : India Skills Report, CII

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