02 December 2019

The future is AI and Digital Marketing – Learn it NOW to become successful !

The digital world has arrived.  We invite you to learn what is required in the digital world. For this is something we all need to know to succeed in the new world we inhabit.

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The technical world is moving towards Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, and chatbots. This is why it is important to know all about this technology is, where it’s going, and what impact it will have on digital marketing as a whole.

What is AI

AI is the concept of machines undertaking tasks in a way that we humans would consider intelligent. Or AI is when a machine can undertake a task as well, if not better than a human would.

Machine learning is a subset of AI, whereby we provide a machine with data and it then learns on its own. Instead of being programmed to do something, machines are given the information they need to do it themselves. So, machine learning is one of the applications that is driving AI development. Here, it is crucial that we get the machine learning right so that we can grow in AI too.

AI and Digital Marketing

Machine learning and AI are being used to solve a huge set of diverse problems with the help of data, channels, content, and context. Businesses and marketing executives would benefit from this information and phenomenon as a whole. With this information that we gather growing, digital marketing as we know it is definitely going to change.

Search Engine Optimization

Google’s recently launched a new machine learning tool, RankBrain that contributes to search engine results. This made many people wonder what impact machine learning would have in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In the new world, keywords could become less important. Search engines may receive more revenue for ads when they provide users with higher quality content. So, the algorithm we use needs to be more focused on providing each user with content that will serve a specific purpose, rather than be packed with the right keyword density. Everyone would need to start thinking about the quality of your content as a ranking factor on search engines.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Google now uses new “smart” features such as Google Smart Bidding, Smart Display Campaigns, and In-Market Audience to help businesses maximize conversions. With this, it is clear that the future of Pay Per Click Advertising lies in machine learning.

To become more strategic and take your PPC campaigns to the next level, we need to:

•     Understand the metrics that are most valuable to your business

•     See the obstacles that could get in the way of meeting your goals

•     Understand the performance drivers to make more strategic decisions.

Content Marketing

Content is kind is often a phrase many people use in the digital world. It is indeed very important to have good content.

Although still extremely important, the internet now has too much content. To create good or relevant content, we need to understand consumer trends.

Machine learning tools allow us to reduce the amount of time we spend tracking our data, as well as enable us to better decipher our data. With this, we can create actionable tasks that will lead us to success. It’s important to remember that this is also applicable to our email marketing campaigns as well.

Link Building

This is one of the primary factors in promoting business and brand building.

After Google released the Penguin algorithm, many had thought that link building was dead because Penguin penalized any business it caught buying links. However, now link building has evolved. We now need to look for brand recognition content, social signals that mention our brand, and content research for guest posts instead of simply buying our links.

In totality

The digital world is changing and evolving.

In the digital world, this is an important element so we have included this in our digital marketing course. The world is now digital and we need to gear up for it. We need to learn the nuances so that we are not left behind in this fast-evolving world.

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  1. content marketing is the core as it offers more value in digital marketing and as always said quality content gets quality links which indirectly affects seo.

    Excellent article.


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