21 December 2019

Transforming quality of education at government-run schools through AI !

The quality of teaching, especially English-language education in government schools across the country, has always been quite bad. The quality of English is particularly horrible. This is being transformed through the use of AI.
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EnglishHelper, which has partnered with USAID has integrated its technology with the existing curriculum, making it easier for schools to adopt..This is now being implemented all over India. People are implementing other tools also.  There are still many things to do still.

Learning is a social process as you learn a lot from others: our brains have been set up to learn this way by looking at peers, repeating gestures, comparing experiences, combining ideas, trying and failing before succeeding, having pleasure and/or feeling the challenges in the process and so on.

The fact is Indians have many kinds of challenges. AI in education will help make everyone access high quality learning accessible, scalable and affordable to even government schools.

Indeed, we know that AI can augment human skills. In the area of medicine, we now know that AI+human based analysis is superior to AI alone or humans alone. This is going to be the same as far as education is concerned.

Other tools
Kavita Reddi, co-founder, Voxta says the company has partnered with a number of vocational institutes to help students speak English better, and is also working with a few low-income schools.]

The key is to sustain these initiatives over a period of time. This is where long-term partnerships will play an important role. Here, increased budgets seem to be spurring more investments in modern classrooms and learning tools, but whether this can impact learning outcomes  is to seen.

We can see that India certainly needs that AI enabled schools all over the spectrum. We can certainly see that the digital world has arrived.  We invite you to learn what is required in the digital world. For this is something we all need to know to succeed in the new world we inhabit.

Addressing challenges

One of the greatest challenges with regards to education is that people learn differently and at different rates. Every student does through the education system with differing levels of learning ability and aptitude. Some are better at “left brain” thinking with skills for analytical thought, while others are more skilled at “right brain” thinking with creative, literary, and communicative ability. There are some who are challenged in different ways with physical and mental disabilities. Further, there are skill sets that differ from one region of the world to another, facing challenges in re-learning new languages and alphabets. Technology makes it possible to connect in all areas by providing wonderful solutions made by the best brains.

On demand content

This on demand digital content is also created with the help of AI and machine learning which is changing the way things are done in education. Textbooks now have their information broken down or condensed into smaller study guides, chapter summaries, flashcards, as well as short smart notes for better reading and understanding. Learning is getting paperless with time and soon there will be less or no use of hard copy textbooks for learning. Such systems will also have an online interactive interface which aids in feedback from the students to their professors. This will enable follow up in areas where they might be struggling or have not yet fully grasped. 

The new future
We can see that all experts are clear that AI is surely going to be part of education. This will surely  enhance the value of education for both the trainers and students. If it down in government schools, it can surely be done everywhere, so we definitely need to embrace AI for sure.

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