25 December 2019

Working together to skill people for the digital age

We all need to work together to meet the challenges of the digital age. This surely is indeed happening everywhere.

Some steps we all can take are given below

Companies and Industries

Skilling and re-skilling initiatives – Companies can collaborate with each other to establish an efficient skilling ecosystem in their sectors. The online learning platforms, collaborating with training centers and colleges in the area or at the city level can be a way that can be leveraged to develop the required skill among the candidates. For instance, ‘futureskills’ is an initiative by NASSCOM where it is collaborating with the IT/ITeS companies to skill about 2 million candidates in the next 5 years, on 150+ skills, across 70+ jobs, in 10 emerging technologies. Furthermore, reskilling employees across levels should be a constant activity and part of the company strategy.

Increasing women participation – The industry, in coordination with the government, needs to put the right infrastructure in place for women employees to encourage their participation in the workforce. Women employees should be treated just as men on pay-scale, promotions and work distribution. Parallelly, to retain working mothers, the industry should support them by reskilling the women who return from maternity breaks, provide child-care services, flexible work timings and supporting gig work among other initiatives.

Increased involvement with education institutions – Participating in curriculum formation for schools and colleges would align the industry’s requirements with education and skilling, across the nation. Further, frequent college visits can be used to make students more aware of the trends and requirements of the industry. The same can also help counsel students on their career choices. Increasing internship opportunities with the companies and effectively monitoring the progress of students can further help in building the skills and  attitude of the students. Supporting ‘train the trainer’ programs can help minimize the gaps that might exist in the knowledge of faculty and trainers. For example, in association with the Ministry of Skilll Development, IBM is aiming to train 10,000 faculty members from ITIs across India in AI-related education over the next year. Similar efforts can be replicated across industries and institutes to widen the reach of such initiatives.


Inculcate right behavior and attitude - The academia needs to inculcate the right behavior and attitude among students about jobs and their career. The prevailing problems, for instance, students being unclear about career choices and predisposed attitude towards blue-collared jobs, switching jobs and floor work in the auto company need to be addressed 

with utmost care. The concept of lifetime learning and preparedness for taking on challenges should be inculcated in the students. Further, academia needs to counsel/guide students to make appropriate career choices and, above all, to follow their passion and not chase pay-checks or give-in to peer pressure. Making learning learner-driven – The academia needs to actively seek methods to customize the curriculum and courses as per the students’ aspirations and industry requirements. Practical knowledge-based education, interactive learning modules and enhanced usage of online materials and digital aids should be emphasized upon. Further, foundational skills such as cognitive skills, problem-solving, numeracy, business communication and more, should also be equally prioritized as any other technical skills. To support such learning, institutes must consider competencies of its trainers/teachers and maintain infrastructural facilities, which form the building blocks of any institution.

Strong Career Counciling Cells in partnership with Industry – Students need constant direction and guidance in helping them identify what career stream best matches their abilities, skills and passion. Academic institutions and industry stakeholders need to partner professionally and formally to provide direction and career counselling to students and help them in their decision making process and career pathing. Each industry segment can partner with institutions with complementing curricula.

Formal 2 year internships should be made mandatory where students get incubated in the professional setting of their choice in a rigorous and tough program that is measured to make them all rounders in that chosen discipline.

Besides focused treading towards the above recommendations, India – a nation that is brimming with young and dynamic talent – can also unlock the potential in alternative opportunities such as fast- tracking women’s retention and career growth, and exploring more gig-based and global-level projects. This, we are sure, will empower India not just to reach parity with the global community of professionals in terms of attitude, skills and knowledge, but also to realise its ambition of becoming a $5 trillion economy in the coming years.

Working in collaboration
We have seen that many academic people are disconnected with what the industry needs. This happens more in the digital world. This is why we keep ourselves updated with the industry trends and keep ourselves updated accordingly. This is what makes us one of the few institutions offering a hundred percent job guarantee to our students, for they are ready for what the industry needs today in the digital world. Collaboration is after all, what everyone needs today.

Why choose us?
Our instructors are experienced in teaching. They are also well connected with industries. This is what makes them valuable in teaching and telling students how to use their skills and remain an asset to whichever organisation they choose to work with later. This we know is paramount for moving towards success. If this is not the case, our students will not be productive at all. Success comes only to those who know what the world is looking for. As the world needs digital skills, we train all our students in these areas. There is absolutely no compromise here which is why our students are sought after by all.

Becoming digital
As we can see, we all must become digital as the entire world is now digital. The world itself now recognizes only people with digital skills. Do join in a proper course at our Digital marketing institute before you get left behind.   

Reference : India Skills Report, CII

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