AI and SEO : the present and future of Digital Marketing

AI, SEO and digital marketing must integrate to succeed in today’s digital world.
Not so long ago, AI was associated with robots, machinery, and seemed almost like science fiction.

Now, AI and SEO are highly integrated. Improvements e now like deep learning and natural language processing have resulted in search engines becoming smarter and more human-friendly. 
This is now totally changing the landscape of marketing.
AI has now become a crucial component in how search engines rank pages. Here, it is important to understand AI when optimizing for search.

Search engines have now become better at identifying keyword stuffing, irrelevant backlinks, and quality content for users. Due to this, marketers have had to use AI to meet the requirements of search engines.
While playing by the rules of SEO is necessary, using AI for SEO success gives us more opportunity to enhance page rankings. Further, this allows us to develop more cohesive strategies and better content.
So, why else do we need AI for SEO success in 2019 and beyond?
This technology creates more opportunities to reach audiences, and it requires us to think of how to bring together these opportunities into an effective strategy.
Many times, when it comes to creating cohesive content strategies that can lead to SEO wins, we need to look at the data.
We must know that using AI to collect valuable data and customer insights can lead to overall SEO success.
One company that used this approach effectively was Kia Motors.
This car company partnered with Influential, an influencer marketplace that uses AI to suggest relevant influencers to companies.
From this, we can learn that when it comes to collecting the right insights, AI can help you find the data you need to create a strategy around the best channels for your messaging.
Personalisation and AI
Nothing captivates a customer more than knowing that a brand put thought into personalised messages.
The fact is consumers want to feel as if companies care enough to produce content that zeros in on their individual needs and concerns.
So, personalization is crucial for customer success.
Data shows that 79 percent of organizations that have a clear personalization strategy  have exceeded revenue goals.
Further, smart personalization engines enable digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 15 percent.
In other words, personalization is becoming crucial to customer success.
This is surely made easier to do in the digital age.
For, one of the best ways to add personalization to implement AI and automation-based marketing methods.
Starbucks is one company that has truly capitalized on this trend. Through  mobile app data, it collects customer data to provide personalized menu recommendations on smartphones as customers approach stores.
The company uses over 90 million transactions per week to inform their decisions regarding product recommendations, the locations of new stores, and new products that they should offer to customers.
Alibaba, the online marketplace giant, uses data to make product recommendations and create attractive digital-storefronts.
Consumers want companies to pay attention to what they do online, and add convenience to the online shopping process. AI and data analysis allows us to create personalized dynamic experiences that appeal to these individuals.  
Specifically, regarding content, AI allows us to provide:

  1. ·       Special landing pages.
  2. ·        Dynamic content.
  3. ·        Unique user experiences based on data and analysis
   These three things that can also lead to SEO success.
All this can help us leverage all of AI to expand our digital market and reach out to the entire world.

Reference : Search engine journal

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