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As Linkedin says AI Specialist Is the Top Job In 2020, learn AI to succeed!

The digital world is hear to stay so we can see that most jobs in this area are going to be the top jobs in 2020.
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The top 15 emerging jobs include the following:
1.      Artificial Intelligence Specialist – This field is synonomous with innovation, and LinkedIn data shows that’s more than just buzz. The growth for this role has grown 74% annually in the past 4 years. It  encompasses a few different titles within the space that all have a set of skills despite being spread across industries, including artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer. According to Indeed, Machine Learning Engineer job openings grew 344% between 2015 to 2018 and have an average base salary of $146,085 according their  Best Jobs In The U.S. Study
2.      Robotics Engineer – LinkedIn is seeing a 40% annual increase in demand for technical professionals with robotics expertise today. This is an industry that is on fire according to LinkedIn’s study. UiPath, one of the most popular robotics solutions, was just valued at $7B, and the industry as a whole is projected to continue this upward momentum. Careers in Robotics Engineering can vary greatly between software and hardware roles, and LinkedIn data shows engineers working on both virtual and physical bots are on the rise.
3.      Data Scientist – LinkedIn is seeing a 37% annual increase in demand for Data Scientists and related technical positions today. This profession has topped the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs list for three years running. It is  continuing to grow significantly across all industries. It could be due to the evolution of previously existing jobs, like Statisticians, and increased emphasis on data in academic research.
4.      Full Stack Engineer - The rapid pace of change in technology has made full stack developers a valuable asset to any company. Not only is this the second year this role has made the Emerging Jobs list, since 2015 hiring growth for this profession has been 35% every year from a wide range of developer and engineering backgrounds.
5.      Site Reliability Engineer - LinkedIn is seeing a 34% annual increase in demand for Site Reliability Engineers today. Responsible for ensuring that development and operational processes are running smoothly, the demand for this job will likely continue to rise as long as we’re using technology in our day-to-day lives. As a bonus, the skills required are transferable to many different engineering roles, such as Cloud Engineer or Full Stack Engineer.
6.      Customer Success Specialist - Also fueled by the growth of technology services that require hands-on support, Customer Success roles are on the upswing according to LinkedIn’s latest emerging jobs report 72% of professionals currently in this role are in the Software & IT industry. These professionals have both soft and hard skills, as they’re responsible for both understanding the technology and managing the customer relationship.
7.      Sales Development Representative – LinkedIn is seeing a 34% annual increase in demand for professionals with Salesforce technical expertise combined with selling experience.  The skills needed for the job have remained largely unchanged since 2015–Salesforce know-how and cold-calling still make up a large part of the job. .
8.      Data Engineer - Data is now very important as every company’s most valuable resource, so they need savvy engineers that can build infrastructure to keep it organized. The hiring growth rate of professionals in this emerging job has increased by nearly 35% since 2015, and industries from Retail to Automotive are snapping up this hard-to-hire talent. Interestingly, Amazon Web Services has emerged as one of the top skills held by Data Engineers, something that didn’t show up in the LinkedIn analysis of professionals who held this role in 2015.
9.      Behavioral Health Technician - LinkedIn is seeing a 32% annual increase in demand for healthcare professionals in this field today. Increased health insurance coverage for treatment in mental health including substance abuse is responsible for this. The training for the role doesn’t require a specific degree, as it provides an opportunity for professionals from all backgrounds to join this emerging field.
10.  Cybersecurity Specialist – This is projected to be one of the fastest growing areas of IT investment in 2020, LinkedIn is seeing a 30% annual increase in demand for these specialists and technical professionals with expertise in this area. Now,  is important for every company, something that’s made more apparent by the addition of Cybersecurity Specialist to this year’s Emerging Jobs list.
11.  Back End Developer - LinkedIn is seeing a 30% annual increase in demand for technical professionals with expertise in Node.js, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services, Git, and MongoDB, the most in-demand skills for Back End Developers today. This is an  engineering job that’s likely to continue to grow as virtually every company builds a digital property. It’s also a job that can largely be done from anywhere, offering an opportunity for remote work.
12.  Chief Revenue Officer – There is a 28% annual increase in demand for this position today as senior management teams look to add valuable expertise in strategic partnerships, go-to-market strategies and sales management. This is a new concept, born out of the need to better understand the roles both sales and marketing play in making a company money. The people in this field have a strong intuitive sense of how to orchestrate sales and marketing to drive more deals and close the most valuable opportunities in the pipeline. As the two fields have become more intertwined, having a CRO at the helm to lead the combined strategies of two teams has become increasingly important. This field is growing a lot now.
13.  Cloud Engineer - LinkedIn is seeing a 27% annual increase in demand for this position today. Clouds changed the game for companies that wanted to build products without needing their own servers. Every year the cloud becomes more integral to every businesses’ operations and IT platforms. Cloud Engineers will likely be a continuing need across the country in all industries for the long-term as more companies adopt an integrated strategy of using existing on-premise systems with cloud platforms.
14.  JavaScript Developer - LinkedIn is seeing a 25% annual increase in demand for this position today. This is one of the most in-demand roles in the country, as are the skills associated with it, and JavaScript is among the top five in-demand skills in the software industry overall. Skills required for the job include knowledge of React.js, Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
15.  Product Owner - - LinkedIn is seeing a 24% annual increase in demand for this position today. People in this role support the product development process and act in many companies as a Product Manager. Unlike many traditional Product Manager roles, Product Owner doesn’t always require a technical degree as a minimum requirement. Here, the professionals often have many different tasks and projects they’re responsible for as they are responsible for the success of their product lines in-market.
In Sum
Jobs in the new era definitely are to be in the area of AI. We in our institute train everyone in this area, which is why we are able to offer a 100 percent job guarantee to our students.


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