23 February 2020

Tools and software for zero budget marketing that make us succeed!

There are many tools that we can use to market our products even with a zero budget. Let us learn more on these

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1. Focus on the web Advertising requires funds. Today, even if we don’t have the funds, there are many game-changing, cost-effective tools at our disposal when it comes to marketing. This is the Internet. We must make the maximum use of this free platfor
2. Begin with a small niche :  We may have big aspirations, but with no budget. Some of the biggest businesses in the world started by focussing on just one small niche. They focus on this and target it.
3. Build the website : Investing in a professionally-built website is still advisable for businesses, but with tools like WordPress, we can build a good looking website yourself and spend nothing on it but our own time.
4. Utilise social media : Ensure our business has presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. These profiles need to be accurate and decorated with our logos and brand ethos. Then, one should start a regular posting regime. One a day will do, we must utilize hash-tags which relate to your product or offering to make sure your message cuts through.
5. Blog regularly : One 500-800 word blog post published every week on the same day is all that is required to start your content marketing strategy. A lovely bonus is that we can use the blogs as content for your monthly email newsletter. This again, costs us nothing more than our time.
6. Build a LinkedIn network : Over the last few years, LinkedIn has become a rich, vibrant social network full of opportunities for free marketing. If we’re not on it, set up a profile now and start connecting with old colleagues, customers, and industry influencers.
7. Use referral techniques : Viral marketing is a powerful tool, and it’s free. Why not tempt customers and new subscribers to our mailing list to share with their friends the brilliant experience they had purchasing from you. One could also give them some freebies like discounts here.
Zero budget marketing is a skill and involves a system and this system demands time, if we have the necessary patience over then 120%  our ROI’s are on their way…so are we ready?????
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