13 March 2020

Be visible digitally else you may vanish or become invisible!

The world is now digital no we definitely need to be present and visible here to build our brand.
Threat or opportunity?

Many believed some time back that the rise of digital technology would mean the decline of existing firms due to the rise of virtual organizations. 

This is not all true.

This has not happened. If that was the case, why would companies hire people and why would people want to work in an office? We have to understand this to make complete use of it.

The only way we can do this by converting it into an opportunity.

Make it an opportunity

We need to understand

a.       The customer needs it

Most people operate digitally now so if we don’t get into this world, we lose the customer. This is a reality.
One must adapt our practises for the customer. This makes us relevant and current. People will choose others if we do not do this.

b.      Be the driver
Be an enterprising entrepreneur who sets an example to others. We need to design
processes that are completely tested. Never forget this for it is only then that you will know what is happening.
c.       Figure out the right process
Finding the right digital structure can be confusing.  We must understand the process the new technology is to play in our business. 
d.     Find out the why

We need to ask ourselves why we wish to use digital technology. The answer should be very clear.

As digital technology is new, even that simple rule can be confusing.

Everywhere, we must add value.

e. Finalize the technology

We need to understand the technology completely to finalize it. Once finalised, we need to get the team in place with all the required skills.

f. Understand the changes

If we expect to innovate with technology, we will have to learn new skills. This should be learnt completely as we may end up missing something unless we understand the whole picture.

g. Create good content

We must create relevant and related content for the reader. This must be created well after understanding the customer.

In Sum

This is an important decision. We must take it seriously.

We need to enter this world NOW to remain successful

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