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10 March 2020

Facebook live is great marketing for financial advisors in the digital era !

Authored by Bofta Yimam


Image Source : https://boftayimam.com/ Facebook live for financial advisors needs to be mastered. 

Facebook live for financial advisors needs to be mastered.
We share some tips that will help you rock your next Facebook Live (or host your first one)!
We must know that there are more than two billion monthly active users on Facebook.  
This is stated by statisa.com. So business owners who use Facebook Live broadcasts strategically are winning greater visibility and more clients. Here, facebook marketing for financial advisors is also worth exploring, especially now that Facebook is boosting live videos.
Why should advisors use Facebook Live?
One’s facebook page is filled with leads. Going live can help us stand out from the crowd, build relationships, and turn those leads into clients. If we observe those who host successful Facebook Live broadcasts, we will notice that most of them do three things.

They give high value, create engaging content for their target audience, and are consistent.

This can be scary. Pre-recorded videos do make us feel safer, Though we feel more  vulnerable with live video, we must also know that viewers enjoy engaging directly with you as we are speaking to them.  This adds excitement for the audience.We also draw more eyeballs to our other posts while improving audience engagement. 
So certainly, live streams tend to lead to higher engagement levels than pre-recorded Facebook videos!

Ready to go Live?
Here are a few tips that will help us prepare. 
Get specific.  
Think about the prime focus of the Facebook live. What’s the main point you want to get across to the audience today?
Create an engaging title.
Choose a title that reflects the focus of choice for the day.  We need to add the flavour of our personality.  We could ask a question in the title, provide a stat and why you’re diving into it today, mention you’ve got a free giveaway coming up in the live. We might also try this helpful formula: share (insert number) of our best tips on how to (insert topic) so people can (insert result) and so on.

Open with small talk.
When we start a  broadcast, we could wait a few minutes before discussing the meat of your content.  This provides time for people to see that we are live — and allows more viewers to join the conversation.   We could begin with small talk  (for instance, asking people if they can hear you OK, say hello, ask them to post the city they’re chiming in from, talk about the weather, reflect on what your morning was like, why you’re going live more these days…)  This gives people the time to actually see the ‘live’ happening in their Facebook feed. So, this gives the audience a chance to join and get the value.  
Inform in advance!
Announce on Facebook that we will going live in advance. We could say, at 3PM EST today, I will show you (this and that),” or something similar.
Know your environment.
We need to choose our background wisely — and remove things and sounds that may be distracting.  If this cannot be done for certain things, we could create an analogy, and USE the distraction to help you make your point. In other words, we should not pretend the elephant isn’t in the room! We could use it — or simply laugh it off and enjoy your audience having fun with you.

Further, we could
Reveal that we invest in our own growth.  If at a conference or a seminar as an attendee, let people know beforehand that we’ll be there and why.  After this, we could do a Facebook Live showing them a cool aspect of the event. 
Change the scene.  For instance, if we’re always going live in an office, we could try going live at a park.  
Showcase that we are different.  Explain the philosophy?  Share stories that make people come to us. 
Get personal.  Add a personal touch. For example, we might share that our daily routine involves a morning walk by taking our audience with us.
Give something away during a Facebook Live broadcast.  We could think about creating a “5-day free giveaway challenge.”  Focus on a relevant theme. Offer one or two major tips to help them break through their roadblock each day. Offer a reward.
If you have found this useful, send it to a friend or a colleague who could benefit from these Facebook Live tips.

The author, Bofta Yimam is Former TV Anchor, Media Personality  International Speaker and Executive Coach and an Emmy® & Edward R. Murrow Award-Winning Journalis  She can help in syndicate a compelling signature talk and message Her organization, boftayimam.com conducts corporate trainings and private coaching on public speaking, visibility, and branding. For inquiries, email Bofta directly at info@boftayimam.com

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