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AI is here. Let us learn it soon to march towards success.

Ai is everywhere and so is the digital world. Get into it to march towards success.
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Most major events start slowly and then accelerate. This is what is happening now. We can see the slow and steady ascension of sophisticated technology. There is global connectivity, an aging population and a confluence of other factors that will enhance existing trends and bring about big, new changes.
 What we are actually seeing is that AI is being aggressively deployed by investment banks, law and accounting firms, hospitals and major corporations to displace white-collar professionals. This is just the beginning stages of this dire trend. If your job can be replaced by AI, it will. We do learn to know this and its not impossible if there is passion.
The Rise of the Gig Economy
In the last decade, the workforce has changed dramatically. The ubiquity of smart devices and internet connectivity means that more companies than ever are hiring from a national, and even global, talent pool, as people can do their jobs from anywhere in the world.
The trend has been for companies to relocate jobs to the cheapest locations. It starts with moving from a costly city, like New York, to a lower-cost state. Then, the jobs go to other countries, such as India, and some African countries; and will be ultimately moved around to where the corporations could find the cheapest labor that can’t yet be done by computers. 
As the gig economy becomes mainstream, corporations will realize that there is little need to maintain expensive corporate offices, pay benefits and bear the burden of full-time permanent employees. Companies will now give project work to people as and when they are needed. These contractors can work from anywhere, won’t receive benefits and will save money for the corporations.
Due to globalization, jobs will be moved around the world like chess pieces. If you are a pawn in this game, you’re in trouble. To remain relevant and employed, we need specialized skills.
In Sum
We need to move with the world. If the world is now digital and AI, let us also fit into this to succeed.
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