23 April 2020

Become winners with us and surge ahead in the digital world

Though many people despair, we do believe that whatever the challenges facing us, India is indeed moving ahead. Our strength has always been our “human” resources that are hardworking, diligent and passionate. Therefore, we now are conducting a competition for our people

We definitely feel we all can be winners if we focus on all that we can do whatever the situation may be around for, we do have the power to dream and compete in the game of life.

Fortunately, India is surging ahead inspite of many challenges and in fact, leading in most areas.

Students shall surely benefit by being part of an evolving India and becoming victors,

We would like Indian citizens of the following categories to take part
Category 1: Students till std 12th 
Category 2: Students of UG/PG (students below age 24)
Category 3:  All those age above 24 years 

Topics to write on

The contest would be in
*India marching towards 5Trillion Economy*
In the following areas
·         Education
·         Agriculture 
·         Small business 
·         Government sector
·         Travel tourism
·         Handicrafts
·         Yoga, spirituality and culture 
·         Pharma and healthcare
·         Technology
·         NGOs
·         Media and entertainment 
·         Sports
·         Sustainable development

Participants would need to write
Article 1200 words maximum
Photo(s) max 10
Creative(s) max 10
Infographics max 3
Video max 3 min
Ppt max 30 slides.

The prize would be of INR 51,000/-
The contest ends on May 7th.

All posts will be shared on Social media Platforms.
Contents must be free of plagiarism and your Idea/creation.

We welcome curated content of multiple people with due mention /permission.

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