27 April 2020

Boost performance with an evolved mindset of growing business digitally using our tips!

Continuous improvement and innovation, are all possible as the benefits of a digital transformation are within reach. We only need to tackle the challenges as they come and do our best to prepare in advance.

Digital transformation comes with many high-level benefits that include
1.     Digitalization of Business Operations
2.    Greater Resource Management
3.    Employee Empowerment
4.   Greater Customer Insights
5.    Better Customer Experience
6.   Creation of Digital Products and Services
7.    Opening the Door to Globalization
8.   Encouraging (Easier) Collaboration Across Departments
9.   Increasing Agility and Innovation
10.            Fostering a Digital Culture
11.Introducing a New Level of Transparency
However, there are two key benefits that stand out for sales teams:
1. Increased Transparency
Digital transformation makes it possible for big data analytics to provide enterprises with real-time information. This includes greater visibility and insights into its operations, especially the performance of its people and assets.

For sales managers, for example, Viabl (an add-on for Salesforce and SugarCRM) offers a clear depiction of a sales pipeline and, in turn, increased visibility into the day-to-day of those on their team. As everyone has access to all of the information on a project, they  share ideas and status updates more efficiently, and brainstorm how to move sales metics in the right direction. It also sets the stage for more effective collaboration.

2. Easier Collaboration
Digital technology makes more information available so people understand patterns..
Open communication and access to this information fosters trust and helps make the work environment less hierarchical and siloed. This helps eliminate an “us vs. them” mentality and improves teamwork.
For example, digitizing your lead generation efforts (like many inbound organizations) makes both sales and marketing more effective. Sales gets a list of leads and marketing is able to use the lead data generated to draw insights and make decisions about the targeted audience.

A digital technology, like CRM, allows us to track historical client data related to interactions, interests, and engagements.
One can analyze and study customer-related data based on a customers’ previous interactions with your company and personalize their experience accordingly.

 Accenture avers that  75% of customers admit being more likely to buy from a company that:
·         Recognizes them by their name,
·         Knows their purchase history, and
·         Recommends products based on their past purchases.
Digital transformation makes all this easily possible. Let us begin doing this now.

Ref : impactbnd.com

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