11 April 2020

Covid-19 is actually setting the stage for reskilling in the corporate world!

Even in a crisis, everyone can take a thought-transition path to lead the way towards the successful transformation into becoming empowered learners for life.

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All companies face a significant growth challenge as they grapple with upheaval due to Covid-19.  We need to rethink on how top management can empower its employees to upskill and relearn themselves to stay relevant.

For instance, the IT Sector is grappling with upheaval wrought due to Covid-19.
To come to a position of strength, we need to reskill ourselves, whether we are in IT or in any other section.
The kind of evolution that today's business world is going through requires relentless efforts to lead the employees and their transformation journey through empathy and positive reinforcement. 

One of the most important ways to do is this towards continuous learning. This is after all the best way to life. Companies would need to invest in skills their employee to prepare them to take up new engagement. This shall happen only when there is caring for employees and their growth. We must know that change after all is the only constant in one’s life. The digital world does make continuous learning not only possible, but doable too. We must need to latch on to this trait for the company and the employee to beat even the challenge of a pandemic.

The culture of continuous learning

We could adapt to new-age work ecologies with a resolve to lifelong learning. Leadership would need to introduce and encourage another skill, that of a facilitator or an enabler.

 Leaders will have to pave the way for employees' upskilling and reskilling not only due to this being the most economical option but also because it is the only way of successfully thriving in this competitive world.

For instance, a WEF report found out that in the US alone, the private sector when invested in reskilling of 25 per cent of all workers in disrupted jobs had a positive cost-benefit balance.

So yes, we could retrain and have not just a balanced life but a successful company as well.

Let us treat this change as an opportunity to move forward both as individuals and a company.

A roadmap that is sustainable

A pertinent question here is the role of the top management is bringing about a mindset change towards perpetual learning. This includes both new skills and discarding old ones.

We suggest the following for all to become empowered learners always in their lives.

Mobility to be enabled: Usually, there is a cubicle in which the employee sits and carries out his/her role. It is limiting, leaving little space for anyone or anything else. In the new situation today, we now have to switch to remote work adoption. This is definitely possible but require new skills that both the employee and the management must be open to. Fortunately, studies have shown that 67 per cent of working professionals are open to reskilling under any circumstances. Now, it is for the management to step in.

Setting the stage 
Leaders must keep in mind the dynamics of the workplace and the changing job roles to their employees, helping them understand the importance of upskilling and reskilling. Unlearning is also an important part of this adaptability process,  so that there is no chaos.

Leading by example
Leaders must also walk the path of continuous learning to make others learn too, to be able to facilitate learning across the verticals and departments. The need is a healthy work environment where leaders don't just give instructions but show how change can happen without chaos. Here, they should allow failure. Now, we are in an environment that is increasingly in awe of Artificial Intelligence and is overwhelming for employees. People must be told their inherent quality of meaning- making and exclusive cognitive skills and how it is okay to fail sometimes, after all, this is what makes them human.

Need for empathy: 
At challenging times, leaders must step up and bring an empathetic approach to infuse positivity.

Essentially, we need to foster lifelong employability and relationships so that everyone is together to triumph in this pandemic-struck world.

Reference : India Today

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