18 April 2020

Craft great communication using online tools to grow exponentially in business

Communication is the bedrock of a successful project. To do this successfully online is required for complete success.

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This includes all that is required to ensure timely and appropriate communication at all stages of the project. 

Students can learn to make reports at all levels to be hired at various levels of communication reporting. 

Everyone therefore needs to do the following :

Plan : We need to develop an appropriate approach and plan. 
This is necessary for project communications based on information needs and requirements.

Manage We need to ensure proper execution. 
This could mean collecting, retrieving and distributing communication in accordance with the communications management plan.

Control —This process in necessary during the entire project life cycle. We need to ensure the information needs of the project stakeholders are met.

All this is fortunately possible using online tools, even something as simple as excel or Microsoft word. If one does not do this, it could even lead to complete failure of the project itself leading to loss of face and even the customer.

As far as students are concerned, this is an essential art they need to learn to be successful in whichever field they may choose.

The basics of its importance and principles is given below for both students and business men, both big and small
For Students

People say the 3 Cs of communication are

a.       Clarity

Don’t assume the reader knows anything. Be clear.

b.       Concise

Don’t omit anything. Include all you wish to convey

c.       Consistent

Be regular in conveying all that needs to be conveyed

We add one more C which is completeness. We need to ensure we don’t omit anything in what we are trying to say

For Business owners

Apart from the points given above for students that are valid for all, we need to ensure all the stakeholders, i.e, anyone involved in the project is also kept in the loop for we may omit something and/or hurt someone if we don’t do so.   
Let us ensure we make communication a great success through following the simple and doable steps above.

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