10 April 2020

Project management with tools even remotely in the digital world

In the current situation, remote project management is the way to go now. All we can do in office we can do remotely too. This is something the digital world makes possible. 


Project management is something we all need to take seriously even if our teams are in various locations or even working from home. Even Google uses Basecamp, a tool we have mentioned below to remain on track.
In the current scenario, one can achieve great project management even with a work from home scenario.

More than ever before, we need to manage projects well, as the image below shows us. 
Image Source : kissflow.com

This is applicable for all, small businesses, start ups and big companies. Students need to learn these tools to be productive in whichever organisation they may join.

The main issues everyone has are
a. Tracking progress
In any project, progress at every stage is important and if there is a delay, one needs to explore why.
b. Meeting deadlines
Deadlines are extremely important so we need to ensure these are met no matter where the client and the team member is.
c. Assigning tasks to relevant people
Even in a situation where people are not physically together, we need to give what is suitable to the right person by assessing their skills.
d. Monitoring
At every stage, one needs to keep following all that was stated in the plan and doing all that needed to be done.
e.  Changing schedules and teams when necessary
All these are important always in all projects but in the digital world, it can be done remotely also. Remote project management apps make it possible.

They help us collaborate and manage our team effectively remotely. The following are some of the best ones that we can use. 

In team and project management, Asana is one of the best tools. It is great to make sure that our team members stay organized. It also makes us remain completely on top of the curve. It makes it possible for us to set priorities and deadlines, and even comment on individual tasks.
It allows us to change the task visuals according to your preferences. Now that's a nifty feature if there ever was one.

With clients like Uber and Sony who are very happy with them, they are surely on the right track.
Ryver is a  team collaboration tool that allows us to easily manage teams, assign tasks and track progress.
Using this, one can also create and collaborate with multiple teams. What's more, the app even enables us to set up projects, create chat threads and link out to different other tools.
This provides us with a high level of breakdown of tasks across teams. 
This is great for remote teams who work together. 
2. Best tools for project management

The following are some  tools that allow us to do great project management online. You could use them along with the ones stated above.
 Whether one is a freelancer working for multiple clients or a professional managing a number of projects and teams, this is a tool one can use. It has clients ranging from Microsoft to Boeing so if we wish to succeed, we could definitely use this plaform. It has all essential features such as project management, time tracking, video and text. It also manages billings and payments for you, so one can bring one's clients on board with ease.
It is functional on iOS and Android, so one can easily collaborate on the go.
Aaron Bingaman, Penn State Office of Emergency Management uses this tool and is extremely happy stating  that everyone in her team is on the same page.Don't all project managers aim to achieve this?
Whether it's project management, task management or team management, Basecamp does it all. It uses a simple, easy-to-follow interface. It also platform allows one to create and manage projects, track project progress and even communicate effectively with team members.

This tool makes it possible for teams can manage the entire process of software development from one simple interface.
Companies as diverse as HubSpot and Delta are extremely happy with them. It has provisions for the creation of stories for individual users. Further, it provides support for integrating with over three thousand additional applications.
Designed to give everyone a complete overview of any project, the software has provisions for task prioritization, file management and more. It even provides for email collaboration,

Airbnb that has so many locations has stated that it was able to monitor everything and improve their efficiency with this tool. Surely, it says a lot about this tool.
 3. Webinar/ video conferencing etc
This is also very prevalent and common now. There are many tools like Zoom, Skype and even FaceBook who make this easily possible in the digital world.

In Sum
Projects, projects, projects. Everything is a project if we think about it. The fact is most of us do not know ‘how’ this can be done.  
Now, when global teams, the digital world has indeed made this possible and easy to achieve if we understand its language and the tools that it offers to all. The sooner we do this, the better it would be.

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