19 April 2020

Tips to manage our project with a remote team during this lockdown!

Accomplish goals even during the lockdown


COVID-19 has devastated impact all over the world and it is affecting many companies and businesses around the globe. To maintain social distancing and avoid the spreading of coronavirus, many companies have started remote working. But now the question arises that how can we accomplish our project goal while working from home? How can we keep our staff in sync while they are working from home? Here are some tips which can make your project management team in sync in this COVID-19 and help to achieve your project goal in this lockdown.

Trust-Building with Team Members:
In remote working, project managers need to understand that it is essential to develop the trust factor among the team members because you are not meeting with each other in-person. It might be difficult for those project managers, who have never managed the remote team before. You have to build up the trust in their capabilities and allow the team members to do their work complete in their way so they can enjoy the work from home even in this COVID-19 breakout.

Clear Communication:
The key to keep the remote team in sync is clear and timely communication. It is the responsibility of the project manager to communicate with each team member to track multiple tasks of the project and identify the problem on time if there is any.

Make Policies for Remote team members:
Companies/Project management offices must need to make proper work policies for remotely working team because any issue can create a problem for the company. They have must need to address the common issues which are expected to face in remote working. In policies, it includes communication gateways, workflows, and general security issues

Project-cooperation Tools:
Project Management companies need to provide various cloud-based tools to stay in touch with online team members as COVID-19 is a threat for everyone and you cannot do an in-person meeting with them. Here are some tools mentioned which can help the project managers and team members in project management, work-cooperation and conferencing.

Video Conference and Online meetings: Video conference tools help the project manager and remotely working members to stay communicated with each other. They cannot only discuss the project; in fact, they can discuss the other official stuff and the current situation which can help to reduce the boredom of work from home. There are many tools available that offer video conference chat, private chat, screen-sharing calls and presentation streaming to make the work easy like Zoom Meetings, Cisco WebEx and Go-to Meeting.

Synchronization and sharing of documents/files:
With the help of some tools it has become possible for team members to share the files just in seconds around the globe. It includes Google’s G Suite, OneDrive, Box, Samepage, Wimi, Dropbox and NextCloud where our team can easily access, collaborate, message and do the trial audit. The plus point is, some of these tools are also providing search filters, workflow management, and encryption. That’s how one can become smart while working from home in COVID-19.

Importance of the above
For Students
Learn to communite digitally and how to use these platforms so that you can then become a productive member from day 1
For Businesses
Make the entire team convergent with project management tools online so that the entire process can be managed.
Ref : psgincs.com

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