Top Jobs that will be in demand in 2020 and beyond!

AI can be learnt by all, both technical and nontechnical. This is what we at IDM promote. This is why we are the only institute giving a 100 percent job guarantee.
1. AI Specialist
Artificial intelligence (AI) Specialists are and will remain on  top in 2020. Demand for courses training them courses has kept on increasing.
The task that is required from AI Specialists is to design intelligent and intuitive programs that can make computers “think” and perform human-centric tasks. Some work in Cognitive Simulation, some others work in Applied AI.
In Cognitive Simulation, computers are used to test hypotheses on how the human mind works and Applied AI designs smart computer systems that can perform a whole range of applications (for example, fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, etc.).
They  are usually employed in research centres of universities, software companies, IT/ITES companies, and also in large corporations that maintain in-house AI groups.
2. Data Scientist
Data Scientists are high-level professionals who are tasked with extracting the maximum value out of data. They are then usually in R&D wings of companies, in various sectors.
3. Robotics Engineer
Robotics Engineers are experts in the field of Robotics. They design, efficient and safe to operate robots. They use computer-aided design/drafting and computer-aided manufacturing (CADD/CAM) systems to perform designing tasks.
Robotics Engineers are employed by private robot manufacturers. They also find job prospects in military and space programs.
4. Data Analysts
Data Analysts are professionals who collect, process, and performs statistical analyses of data and present it in ways that are both actionable and efficient. They are responsible for bringing technical expertise to validate the quality and accuracy of data and to develop and implement data analyses, data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality. Businesses from all sectors have started to use Big Data, the demand for Data Analysts is on the rise.
5. Full Stack Engineer
These are computer programmers and web developers who are skilled in both front end (the user-side) and back end (server-side) coding. They work in close collaboration with Graphic Designers. These professionals work in software companies, financial service companies, digital marketing companies, and any other enterprise who use and maintain web/mobile apps.
6. Cybersecurity Specialist
These are security experts who take care of the entire network/system security structure of a company. They monitor systems, conduct counteractive protocols and report incidents; search and identify vulnerabilities and risks in hardware/software systems.
7. Cloud Engineer
These are IT professionals who handle and manage all the technical workload associated with Cloud Computing.
Apart from maintenance and support tasks, these professionals also deploy and debug cloud initiatives as and when needed
They are mostly hired by IT companies (medium and large-sized) who adopt and leverage Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings.
In Sum
We can see that the jobs of the future will require greater mental stimulation and engagement. Knowing what they are and understanding what they need will help us prepare in advance.
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