15 April 2020

Use Apps to capture the customer and succeed with innovative content !

Image Source : innovativedigitalmarketing.in

We could use Apps that help quick marketing. We know that whatever it may be called, marketing is all about capturing customers before they change their minds. Now, the digital world (especially mobile-based) behavior gives them an information overload as they spend most of their time online. This is surely a challenge for all digital marketers as there is also a lot of competition in this world.

We must surely capture them before they go online elsewhere. It has been noted that 96% of consumers will be doing this with their smartphones in the space of a few seconds.

Google says consumers today know what they want. They are researching any type of service or product, in any category, immediately, via their mobiles. They don’t say too much but want the brand to know their needs. Last but not the least, their decision-making process, even with major purchases, is much very quick as the digital world is quick in all areas.

The challenge therefore is that brands must be able to “find” their customer in the space of these few moments without having any relevant information about them ahead of time. Thus, businesses must be able to offer more with catchy content, build brand loyalty, and stay ahead of their competition.

This is possible only when we understand their needs completely. For instance, a mother looking for food for her infant will be interested in nutrition above anything else. So, such a product must indeed make nutrition, health and hygiene their brand identity. If they are able to do this with innovative content, and become viral online they shall surely succeed digitally

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