11 May 2020

AI is entering all domains and in Local/Regional Languages too.

Now, we see AI everywhere, even in the the vernacular space. Vernacular.ai provides an AI-based voice automation platform.

Essentially,  VIVA that helps accelerate engagement strategy and utilizes speech recognition and natural language understanding (NLU) technology.

In all sectors most call center queries are repetitive in nature and do not require human intervention. Therefore, AI can indeed play a wonderful role if programmed with a high level of accuracy given the complexities of Indian languages. “The result is that one can deliver higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores for our clients compared to the previous human agent only model," Sourabh Gupta, the Co-Founder and CEO of Vernacular.ai has stated.

While it has been known for a while now that voice and vernacular are game changers that would transform the way Indian businescases operate and impart customer service, businesses had struggled to incorporate the diversity of Indian languages. There was no complete package that would work as a single, unified platform with the ability to interact with the backend processes of systems, typically in English
Now that there is a AI and NLP-based platform, with up to 95% accuracy rate, there are two major aspects of improving the customer experience:
  • Call center automation
  • Voice assistant for apps
The result is that businesses can now speak the customer's language and enhance customer experience with voice-based interactions in local languages while up to 80% costs.
This has certainly made more companies connect effectively to their customers.
Is that that the key aim of all businesses is? So, yes business always benefits by embracing new trends like AI, whether vernacular or otherwise. The world has changed, should we not change too and grow further?

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