29 May 2020

Branding to succeed in the new digital age

Many of us are not sure about some words. Are you not sure about the meaning of “branding”? Don’t worry! Branding is one of those marketing concepts that is a bit complex and can easily become confusing, even for people who have studied marketing for a long period.

Some time back, branding was as known as a, slogan, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these elements, that represents one company, product, or service from another. Now, branding is complex and important. Branding is not just about getting our target market to select us or our brand over the competition. It's also about getting our prospects to see it as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need. Digital Marketing as a branding strategy is the most effective way to improve our brand image and help people recognise our brand.

In actual essence, branding is a problem-solver. A good brand will have:

• A Clarity in delivering a message

• Confirmation about the brand's credibility in the marketplace

• Emotional connect towards target prospects with a product or service

• Motivational essence for the buyer to make a purchase

• Power to create user loyalty

How to achieve success in branding?

To succeed in branding, you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and their prospects. You can achieve this by integrating and implementing your brand strategies throughout your company at every point of public contact. Many of the times you should think of branding as though your company or organization were a living, breathing person. Imagine this person explaining who they are, why they're valuable, and what they specifically have or want to offer. This makes a memorable impression on consumers and allows our customers and clients to know what to expect from our company.

Digital branding is a term used to describe all the different ways in which a business draws in its customers online. It includes a number of things like SEO, online advertising, content marketing, social media, and influencer marketing.

The importance of digital branding is the effective communication of our value to our customer. Digital branding is thinking about our customers, both current and potential and show how we can tell them who we are, what makes us different, and what makes us better.

The customer could be all over the world or in other words, we are showing ourselves to a global customer digitally.

It leads to customer loyalty. Done well, this elevates a business and builds recognition and loyalty. People are attracted to brands that share similar values with them. When we showcase what you value through branding, customers will develop an emotional connection with you.

Branding creates loyalty in customers and employees. A good brand gives people something to believe in and something to stand behind. It helps employees understand the purpose of the organisation they work for. Employees feel they're a part of something significant and not just something insignificant that means nothing to anyone.

Build a strong brand.

Building a strong brand in the digital age is very important. Branding has always been important, but when we consider the online environment and changing user behaviours, we can see the clear benefits of branding. This is a tool for developing and maintaining a competitive advantage. In the world of digital media that is very noisy, staying competitive is even more of a daily challenge. The new digital world heightens the connection of brands, people and things. Branding in social media is all about managing our company image, identity and market position, as perceived by the market, across digital networks.

One should work on maintaining consistent brand identity across social media platforms, usually integrating them. Marketing is more of a push tactic but branding is more of a pull tactic. Branding should speak more about values as brand building is about developing an emotional connection.

Make branding speak for you

"Marketing is what you do, Branding is what you are", is a famous quote.

In very simple words, a product is what we sell, a brand is the image of the product. This is why a good strategy is important for branding.

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Branding to succeed in the new digital age

Many of us are not sure about some words. Are you not sure about the meaning of “branding”? Don’t worry! Branding is one of those marketing...