06 May 2020

Customer Experience matters the most.


Customer is always the king. The global customer in the digital world is an emperor who wants an experience. By working on an experience, we shall surely make them be with us always.

Succeed by making the customer an emperor, not just king in focussed marketing!
Successful transformations is not just about technology. Technology is just a tool. We need to focus on overhauling organizations with a customer-focused goal in mind.
It is well established that customers come to those who know them as people and not just a number, a date or a statistics.
Attact them, listen, listen and listen. For all that they say and wish is a clue for our business. In the digital world too, it is supremely important and possible.  Thank them for coming to you for the options are many, be consistent and make realistic promises. Be personal and do ask for feedback.
Essentially, we all need to focus on customers, be there for them always, listen to them, address their grievances and make them feel they are heard all the time.Exceed their expectations to delight them.This feedback could be a criticism. We only need to work on it. If a customer is delighted, he shall indeed share his experience with all and whether traditional or digital, a customer’s joy needs to be our basic tenet in business and marketing. We after all exist in business for the customer and only the customer. We only need to ensure we never lost focus on this key goal in all our processes. If the customer is an emperor, we need to be the palace of experiences.

Let us then create a WOW experience for our customer by applying all the tips we have stated.

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