28 May 2020

How the rise of the technical era is going to change our business strategy to succeed

Starting with the basic definition, Technology is basically all about the uses of scientific knowledge for everyday purposes or practical use. The meaning of this “technology” word is a combination of Greek words- art and craft. Nowadays people are using technology with a wide aspect. In easier terms, technology is everywhere and i am not just talking about gadgets and electronics but you can say even the zipper of a zip lock bag is a form of technology. I don't need to think any of us are unaware of the fact of how technology has made our life easier.

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Let’s ride and get back to old times, learning about the history of technology and where this all started. Remember we used to read about how early man used to rub stones and light fire or how they made their own arrows and used them to hunt animals to eat for survival or the invention. Well, that's where it all started. The invention of technology, invention of tools and techniques to make our work easier. Gradually everything started to evolve and “update”.
The invention of computers and electronics and gadgets made technology all about science and use of science. Soon after the mid century, the word technology received a new meaning “the means of activity used by humans to manipulate or develop the environment “. As a matter of fact technology keeps changing according to our necessity.

Social involvement
As a matter of fact, the social sense of need should definitely be felt or else the innovation of technology might not be accepted. To make it easier the social involvement of people in technology must depend on three factors:
1. Need
2. Resource
3. Ethic
In modern times, the ethics and needs of social technology must be created through advertising.
Social ethics basically implies an environment regarded and receptive ideas. These kinds of ideas and receptivity might be time dependent and limited to certain fields. For example, the improvements and innovation in weapon techniques or navigating resources. Whatever be the psychological basis, we cannot deny the fact that existence of a socially indulged society is willing to encourage investors. The encouragement definitely boosts the confidence of such investors in using their ideas and implementing them to create and invent technology for betterment of humans and society.
We can indeed say that social indulgent plays the utmost importance in development of technology.

Science and Technology
On one hand, technology is systematic study of things and skills and on the other hand, science is all about systematic ways to interpret and understand the world. Science as we all know is more about conceptual and practical approach and technology is related and concerned with the fabrication and use of something arising from earlier times which might not be of use or relevance to us now. Science and technology in other words can be acknowledged as interdependent on one another along with innovation but in a distinct way. The development of system engineering, simulation studies, and mathematical modeling was not just one way to influence science and technology as technology created new machines and tools and with which scientists were able to achieve increasing sight of the world from inside and outside.

Criticisms for Technology
Most of the evaluation techniques and ideas have some sort of drawbacks. It isn't necessary that every time the proposed model or invention achieves acceptance from the society. They sometimes fail in some way with no specific reason. The complications of the participatory approach can vary.

Complexity in a technology can be a challenge for the investors and inventors. As the people who aren't aware of technological background can face difficulty in dealing with the proposed model. This is one of the most obvious challenges or complexity which raises the scope of stakeholder and participation grows.

Legitimacy of Stakeholders is a national and international political issue where an international dispute for example, it’s relatively common for company managers or the governments to question about the extent of trade unions actually represent the wishes and interest of members.

Mobilizing bias is about the identification of the suitable or preferred stakeholders whose interests are way easier to accommodate into evaluation. They are the ones who actually agree or support a particular technology and project.

Branches of technology
The technology is as we all know is used in many fields and industries. There are many branches of technology. Some of them are:-
1. Aerospace technology - means of transportation above earth.
2. Applied physics- which is mostly used for particular technological or practical use.
3. Agriculture- yes, technology is also used in agriculture.
4. Fisheries
5. Fishing industry
6. Forests
7. Gardening and farming
8.  Sustainable agriculture.
9. Communication is also a branch of technology.
10.  Books
11.  Radio
12. Internet
13. Television
14. Computing includes goal oriented activity like designing and building of hardware or software and all computing and processing activities as well as scientific research work. This can be categorized as:
15. Computer science-
16. Artificial intelligence
17. Object orientation
18. Cryptography
19. Human computer interactions
20. Computer engineering
21. Information technology
22. Software engineering
23. Programming
24. Construction- building of projects
25. Designs- creating abstract of an object
26. Electronics
27. Engineering
28. Transportation
29. Industry

Technological dilemma

The dilemma of modern society is that on one hand there is overdependence of life on advanced technology whereas on the other hand the terror and threat that technology will destroy quality of life in modern society. This proves the need to control the development and overuse of the technology and to resolve this dilemma is more necessary to define the objectives by solving the rapid problems. It definitely seems necessary to find the solutions and results to control this dynamic rise in the number of uses of technology along with the population rise. Even though most of the dilemmas of the 19-20th century have been dispersed and the increasing awareness of technological confusions has been offered as realistic assessments as role in shaping today’s society. Needless to say that when basic problems will be reviewed, it will be finally possible to consider the effect of technology on life and studies.

Technology is supposed to lets us easier to reach, and we cannot deny that it often does. But the constant and same modes of communication that has caught us on the instant replay also can leave us feeling forgotten.

Perhaps there is no doubt that we are a part of an age of technology and information transmission unlike any other in the history of human existence. In the hands of the lets say 10-year-old is the ability to access libraries of data, to take in a limitless amount ofentertainment and converse with someone on the other side of the world. When observations of people living with such advancements are reported, a dilemma emerges: namely, advances in technology that we see as inherently good sometimes produce harm.

According to my opinion, the technological dilemma is the result of a misunderstanding of technology and of human nature.

Just because we are capable of making technological advances does not mean we ought to make such advances. We should perhaps take our time among all aspects of technology by considering the ends and means, and keeping the Truth concerning human nature at the forefront of our minds.

Then perhaps we can make sense of the technological ethical dilemmas prevalent in our time.

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