29 May 2020

Learn and succeed through VR Arcades

As virtual reality continues to gain interest, VR arcade is one such category that has the opportunity to take advantage of this momentum.

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As there is a lot of curiosity around this technology, people want to experience it first hand and know what the hype is all about. 

Rs 22.5 lakh to Rs. 25 lakh INVESTMENT -Gaming license -VR technology and hardware 

Just like the gaming centers that were popular a decade ago, VR arcades operate in a similar fashion and take it a step further by providing a completely immersive experience. Since it is expensive to buy the technology and hardware that supports VR, the best alternative is a VR arcade. 

If you are someone who looked for business opportunities in the VR domain, setting up a VR arcade is something you could consider. There is a tremendous opportunity in this space as VR and its applications will continue to grow in popularity. 

Currently, VR arcades focus heavily on the gaming niche as it has been the most profitable segment. When you set up your VR arcade facility, it might help to stick to this niche. Your ideal customers will be gamers who have an appetite for VR but cannot afford a full-fledged home system yet. Typically, they are teenagers and young adults. For this reason, VR arcades have also become popular destinations for hosting birthday parties, gaming contests, and pizza parties, along with team outings and so on. 

Since VR is an immersive experience that is both visual and physical, you have to make sure that your arcade is spacious enough for players to move around, wave, and swing their arms. The gaming setups at home do not offer the kind of experience that a VR arcade does, so you have to meet these expectations. In order to set up a successful VR arcade, you will need a decent space that will house a handful of gamers at any given time. You will also need all the technology infrastructure and VR hardware completely installed and available. This will be the majority of your upfront investment when you get into this business. 

Where are we digitally?

The world today is digital. This must be recognized.  Not just recognize but honour this by equipping ourselves suitably.

In the new digitized world one must reinvent themselves.  This is a new world. So, we do need to explore not just a simple course but we do need to explore a good course that is  completely relevant.

Know the process to succeed

The first key to success is clarity. We must form a good process.  it is important to have a systematic approach to strategic management factoring within it some flexibility for changing circumstances. Even in the covid situation, people are looking for such arcades taking necessary precautions. The tech industry has struggled for years to generate wider adoption of virtual reality. The prospect of millions staying home for months during the pandemic and additional renting options might be just what it needed. Work out a renting option.

Entrepreneurs, work on investing in VR Arcades now and add a renting option to succeed. Students technical and non-technical, learn about VR and its potential to march towards success.

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