11 May 2020

Let us learn about 5 startups that are now moving towards success!

It is a a good time to reflect on how the startup ecosystem has performed in the country. Now, there is a great rush of venture money and a significant uptick in valuations. As a seed round of a million dollars has become the new norm, startups have started mushrooming everywhere

We can see technology being used in all the areas given below :-

IoT and Wearables -Internet of Things (IoT) has been taken up by big tech companies, which has meant over a billion dollars have been invested in startups in the IoT space globally now. Now, the entire wearables segment has seen a number of significant products taking over our life. Fitness products that look to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle use technology a lot. Fitness bands are the most popular wearables today, followed by smartwatches. Top tech companies like Samsung and Apple have invested heavily in  smartwatches, even Google has tried its hand in it. With this, many startups now consider wearables to be very important area.

Food Tech – This is the segment has been adopting technology a lot. They have they have now figured out a lot can be done in the aggregation business and in delivery. Thus is bound to only increase now.

Hyperlocal – Now, many companies like BigBasket and Pickingo  are trying to get attention to deliver products locally.This is bound to grow in the future.
Operations & Logistics Management :-This segment has now started finding niches and diving deeper. This has resulted in many startups. These local delivery startups, food delivery startups and many others using eCommerce.
Local Services Marketplace:-  Now, whether one needs a plumber, electrician, a dance teacher or someone to teach you yoga, startups such as Urbanclap help us zero in on the desired service provider. Other services like caterers, photographers, drivers  are also included here.
The fact is that now that technology has arrived, startups are indeed making the most of it. This is bound to increase as the digial world is increasing its presence everywhere.

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