27 May 2020

Skills – both soft and hard that can take us to success in 2020 and beyond!

Skills are skills – we need to know what are important for jobs in 2020 and beyond. The new digital age makes it possible for all to keep learning and continue learning to augment our need and productivity.
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Whatever our goals are for 2020— to take on a bigger project, start a new job, lead a team— learning these skills can help us stand out for that next opportunity. 
We begin with soft skills as these are becoming more and more important for all.
The Soft Skills Companies Need Most in 2020
Soft skills are interpersonal skills that make or break our ability to get things done in our current jobs and take on new opportunities ahead.
The top ones now are  creativity, collaboration, persuasion, and emotional intelligence. These demonstrate how we work with others and bring new ideas to the table. 
Let us examine them.
#1 Creativity 
Pople who can creatively approach problems and tasks across all business roles, from software engineering to HR are needed by all organisations. We all need to focus on honing our ability to bring new ideas to the table in 2020. 
#2 Persuasion
Everyone values individuals who can explain the “why.” To advance our career, we need brush up on our ability to effectively communicate ideas and persuade our colleagues and stakeholders that it’s in their best interest to follow our lead. 
#3 Collaboration
More than ever before, high-functioning teams can accomplish more than any individual. All organizations know this. We need to learn how our strengths can complement those of our colleagues to reach a common goal.

#4 Adaptability 
Change is the only constant in life. Most businesses know this. We need to embrace that reality and make sure to show up with a positive attitude and open-minded professionalism, especially in stressful situations.  When one does understand how to adapt, whatever the circumstances presented to us are, we shall remain relevant at all times.
#5 Emotional Intelligence 
Emotional intelligence is the skill and ability to perceive, evaluate, and respond to our own emotions and the emotions of others. This now is more important than ever before, as stress is increasing for all. This is something that all companies need all the time so it is time we focus on this.
The Hard Skills Companies Need Most in 2020
While soft skills are all about how we work together, the most in-demand hard skills are the ones changing what we’re working on. 
These evolve rapidly in the digital age and we much know the trends to remain valid.
#1 Blockchain 
Blockchain is a novel way to store, validate, authorize, and move data across the internet has evolved to securely store and send any digital asset.
#2 Cloud Computing 
Today, many companies are built and run on the cloud. They need skilled talent to help them use and design, and delivery of cloud systems like Microsoft Azure. 

#3 Analytical Reasoning  
Data is now the foundation of every single business. Everyone needs talent who can make sense of it and uncover insights that drive the best decisions for the business.       
#4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) -
AI augments the capabilities of the human workforce. People who use the power of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing are the ones who will help organizations deliver more relevant, personalized, and innovative products and services.  
#5 UX Design 
The average attention span of consumers today is decreasing every year and they have little patience for products that aren't intuitive. Organizations need people to help them build more human-centric products and experiences.

#6 Business Analysis 
Most roles require some level of business analysis to make decisions so this is a skill that would be needed.
#7 Affiliate Marketing 
With traditional advertising going down social media rising, affiliate marketing is rapidly rising as a must-have hard skill.
#8 Sales 
Everyone needs people who can effectively manage a sales team, understand the sales funnel, work with cross-functional partners, and sell into the highest levels of the business.
#9 Scientific Computing 
More professionals who can develop machine learning models are needed. They would need to apply statistical and analytical approaches to large data sets using programs like Python, MATLAB, and others are required by most companies.
#10 Video Production  
Video content is liked by all, so it makes sense that video production continues to be a priority for companies. 

In Sum
By combining soft skills with hard skills, we all can learn online and move forward to become success stories even post a pandemic.
Fortunately, this is possible as one can learn globally from anywhere one is placed. In a sense, the new learning is totally democratic and inclusive. All one needs is merit, which is something one can acquire anytime. For learning itself has no time limit in the new world.
It would help if all of us logon to the online world and then move forward to become global success stories. This is surely possible with the internet being accessible to all of us. This would of course be beneficial for our personal growth as well as our careers. For, we are as good as dead if we cease to think and by extension, learn. The new world encourages and makes it possible for us to be eternal learners and move forward. We all, whether students or professionals can begin any time to remain relevant and add more value to our own selves and that of our organisation.

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