31 May 2020

Startups and women entrepreneurs who have succeeded in new digital, tech India !

As startups chase to hit their next milestones, what it takes not only a team effort but also astute leadership from the people who make key decisions as well as lead the pack. Women have entered here and indeed making a mark in the HR field, especially by combining it with technology and soft skills.

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Entrepreneurs are on a constant hunt for the ‘right team and people’ and many believe it is the most important asset to any startup.  It is estimated by Trackn that between 2012 and 2016, over Rs 1,000 crore was invested by in HR startups by VCs.This is surely a key sign that HR is growing rapidly. We show you some women who have make a mark here.

As of now, while companies like LinkedIn and Oracle have a major role in the hiring game, startups are stepping up to solve niche problems in the market. We now look at four women entrepreneurs who are solving various problems faced during hiring, both for companies to job seekers across the country: 

Ridhima Gauba is the COO and Director at HR tech startup Interview Air. She lived in London for several years. There, she saw the difficulties faced by job seekers in India. She saw that that employees often do not get reimbursed for travel cost and have to manage their stay as well. She co-founded a cloud-based interviewing platform called Interview Air, along with her husband Rohit Taneja. 
It has removed the hassles of travel and cost. It now aims to connect talents from Tier II, III, and IV cities with top companies and enables job seekers to apply to multiple companies. 
After companies register with IA and have shortlisted candidates, video interviews are conducted on the platform. 

This Mumbai-based startup was founded in 2015 and has connected more than 25,000 job seekers with over 400 brands so far. Deepika Anu  started this along with co-founders Mayank Sharma and Varun Narula.  It aims at helping companies hire candidates based on their soft skills. It conducts behavioural assessment by looking at candidates’ data points – such as facial expressions, words used, tone and inflexion of voice, micro-gestures, digital behaviour, among other things.  It also offers assessments such as Comprehensive Behavioural, Psychometric, and Cognitive (BPC) Profiler, Cognitive and Psychometric Profiler, and HD Recruitment Service.  After the online session of 45 to 50 minutes, the algorithm generates a comprehensive BPC profile of the candidate.
The company initially received seed grants from Goldman Sachs and IIT Delhi, which it dedicated towards product development. It has also raised two separate seed grants from the Eklavya Foundation and NITI Aayog through IIM Bangalore’s startup incubator NSRCEL.

Vanishri Deshpande was in the leadership recruitment space since 2004, and joined Flipkart’s talent acquisition team in 2011. She has also helped core teams of several startups including Practo and Postman, and other portfolio companies of Nexus Venture Partners. Familiar with issues of startups, she started Spottabl (earlier known as ConnectEcho) in August 2017. Former Flipkart employee Satheesh KV joined as Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.  It started with venture capital firms as its primary clientele and assisted in hiring senior leaders for their portfolio companies. It is now a strategic consultant in HR functions and talent acquisition.

Sofia Chand began UpYourGame along with co-founders Kishore Chand, Amogh Kamath and Tejas Kamath, all of whom were involved in the HR work for nearly a decade. Having began in India in January 2018, Sofia and Tejas are the face of the company who plan to take the lead in making investor pitches.  Speaking with several HR professionals prior to starting out, they noted that the problem lay in lack of data to back various issues employees faced with their managers that would cause them to leave.
They play a role in real-time employee performance, monitor feedback, analyse sentiments, set and cascade goals, predict behaviour patterns and generate data.  They have a library of 2,300 goals and key performance indicators that organisations can choose from to keep track of each employee’s performance. It promises insights and transparency for both managers and team members. 
Our views
HR and technology is a potent mix and in both these areas, women do have a lot of advantages to play a key role. We can see how these women have thought out of the box to create complete solutions for their clients. Surely, these women and women in general do have a key role to play in the start up stories of India.
Students can learn from all their stories that nothing is ever impossible. Organisations can understand that women do have a key role to play in the modern, technical, digital age. This will then be a win-win situation for all.

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