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The digital world is here and so we need to transform ourselves digitally. This is a transformation that involves digital technology being used in all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how one operates and delivers value to customers. This is something that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure. So, more than just a change, it is a cultural change as mindsets need to be addressed.
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A digital presence is required for all

Digital is now imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise. That message is given by almost every keynote, panel discussion, article, or study related to how businesses can remain competitive and relevant as the world is indeed transforming itself and becoming digital. Clarity, however, is missing here. Some think it is just a catchy way to say moving ahead in the new world. 

Form a strategy
Instead, we should form a complete strategy, thinking about all the roles that would be required and what all we would need to take care of. Roles and responsibilities would need to be clearly defined. This is very important.

a. Form a team with clear responsibilities
b. All that customers need should be made available digitally
c. Queries also should be answered
d. Ecommerce should work,

Here, CIOs play an important role. This mandates all businesses – to rethink old operating models, to experiment more, to become more agile in the ability to respond to customers and rivals. For this is going to remain relevant and isn’t going anywhere.

We would need to answer some of the common questions around digital transformation and provide clarity, specifically to CIOs and IT leaders, including lessons learned from your peers and digital transformation experts. As technology plays a critical role in our organization's' ability to evolve with the market and continually increase value to customers, people such as CIOs do play an important role,

Hurdles can be overcome
It's also worth noting that today's organizations are in different places on the road to digital transformation. Many of us think we are stuck in this journey, however this is not true at all. One of the hardest questions is how to get over the initial humps from vision to execution. It creates angst: Many CIOs and organizations feel they are far behind but this is not the case.
Even organizations that are well down the digital transformation path face tough ongoing hurdles, like forming a budget, finding talent and changing the mindset. As everyone knows, mindsets are the hardest to change. Let us see what organizations at various places are doing on this road to change.
Similarities and differences
All changes, are usually different for all. This is particularly true in the digital world. Being relatively new, everyone has adapted in their own way. As is different for every company, it can be hard to pinpoint a definition that applies to all. In general term we can call it the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers. It is most important to note that this is cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo. This is always a challenge as everyone needs to get comfortable with failure. It also means walking away from traditional business processes that companies were built upon. As this is in favor of relatively new practices that are still being defined, one does need to give it some time.
With many books, blogs, articles and various definitions of digital transformation, it's easy to see why there is some confusion around the topic. There are many for  author Greg Verdino bring out businesses that take up digital transformation may expect to achieve. He is clear that this transformation bridges the gap between what digital customers already expect and what analog businesses actually deliver.
Leaders need to think about what digital transformation will mean – in practice - to their company and redefine many things, including the skills that would not be required.
More than just learning, we all do need to unlearn many of the things we have already heard. For, the world digital does mean many things to many people.
Organisations do need to take this seriously to remain in the reckoning. This indeed Students need to completely understand what it means to understand where they fit it. There are jobs and skills galore in this virtual world. The sooner we take it seriously, the better it would for a complete digital transformation that brings in success and growth. The best thing it can be done virtually also as almost everything can be done virtually in the digital world.
There are all kinds of realities in this world and we do need to merge in one of them. These realities, that are called Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are all here in the digital world and there is a lot of confusion here too about the differences between them.

So, we need to learn, unlearn and experience this too. There is indeed a lot of learning to do now so let us begin now, making complete situation as we see it now. Experiential learning is the name of the game now.

In Sum
The world is digital so we all do need to step into this dynamic, evolving world with a clear plan of action now. We do also need to keep this always in mind to remain relevant and successful. Fortunately, all it requires is desire and passion that all of us do have.

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