07 May 2020

The digital world is full of opportunities. Let us embrace them with enthusiasm


The digital world is available for all of us to step into. The reach is global so one can display all our skills to everyone all over the world with dexterity. Convert a challenge to an opportunity, during and post the covid.

The amazing this is that we can indeed move forward with our skills without having anything other than our passion that comes with enthusiasm.

"The real secret of success is enthusiasm. Yes, more than enthusiasm, I would say excitement. I like to see men get excited. When they get excited they make a success of their lives. " said Walter Chrysler, ages ago.

With enthusiasm, any task becomes so much easier, we will find ourself wanting to finish the task as soon as possible automatically. If we start our day by dreading it, it will be a long day. But, if we find something we can be enthused about it will change the entire day! Sure there are things we all don't like doing, but rather than focusing on what we don't like, let us focus on what inspires us or on the good of what we are doing. We do need to remember that there is always good in everything if we just look for it.

The digital world makes is much easier for us to show this to others with a positive attitude that a solution will be found.  For example, if we are faced with a problem, we do not start talking about the problem as if it is something that stops you dead in your tracks. We talk about the problem only as a beginning to find a solution. The issue is only  starting point to move forward and not as a place to stay stuck and complain, or feel defeated.

The next step is resolving the issue. This happens by engaging everyone involved that the problem affects. This means that you ask for assistance in finding a solution where you sate clearly that no possible solution is judged or ignored. In other words, your enthusiasm to resolve the issue is the main focus of the conversation. Once we  have everyone involved in finding a solution, the next step is to get everyone's input into agreeing what one solution is the best. It is this demonstration of leading others forward that demonstrates our enthusiasm for the positive and not the negative.

So, ultimately, if we  have enthusiasm, we will surely find a solution.

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