Tips to boost your business through instagram and succeed!

To boost your company on a social media platform, Instagram is one of the best platforms with a lot of features in it. According to facts, total number of instagram users in India is 88 million and in world total number of instagram users are approx 800 million. There is approx 25 million+ business in Instagram. 
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As of now, instagram has a lot of features to explore through posts. There you can create a great impact on the viewers by posting pictures. The new feature IGTV will help to make your customer more and more aware about your product or services with great advertising skills. The beauty of your page can attracts a huge crowd. People are using instagram more actively than other social media platform Facebook is a platform intended for networking and connecting with friends. Facebook has more that 1 billion (stated to be 1.13) billion daily active users as compared to Instagram which has 500 million monthly active users, Facebook is leading in numbers. Instagram however has better engagement and content sharing. Nowadays, Instagram is gaining a lot of users so it will be a great idea to explore your business through Instagram.
These are few points to make your business account growing in instagram :
1.   Amazing bio: The bio should be very impactful. At first, when a person wants to know about your company then your first expression will depend on how you represent yourself through your bio
A great instagram bio should consist of:
·       Explain a bit about you/your brand.
·       Attracts your target audience.
·       Use a brand hash tag to connect  your community
2.   Add an important link: Always add the most important link to your bio like your website link where people can easily communicate.
3.   Always create a business account: A business account is important for a company as it gives you an option of adding phone number, email address and the address of your particular organization including map.
4.   Always use recognizing picture as profile picture: When it comes to choose your profile picture then you should keep it in that way that anyone can recognize it. You can put your profile picture like:
·       Logo
·       Logomark
·       Mascot
5.   Set some goals: It’s very important to set a goal you want to achieve.
 Given below are some common goals. All brands, teams, and                     individuals tend to choose these for their Instagram presence:
    ·       Showcase your products or services
·       Build your community
·       Increase awareness of your brand
·       Showcase your company culture and values
·       Advertise to potential customers
·       Increase brand loyalty
·       Share company news and updates
6.   Pay attention to the theme of posts: Always take care of the colors and themes which you are using in your page. Like if you are using grey or white color then try to make all your posts which will include these colors.
7.   Try to be consistent with fonts: Always try to use single font in all your posts. This will make your attractive and people will give time to look at your page and examine it.
8.   Frequent posts: Consistency in posts will increase your engagement and more and more engagements will help you to see your profile every time. That’s why frequent posts are important.
9.  Leverage hash tags: Hashtags have become a uniform way to categorize content on many social media platforms. Tallow Instagrammers to discover content and accounts to follow. Track Maven's research has found that posts with over 11 hashtags tend to get more engagement.
Note: Try making your own hashtag.
10. Include faces in your posts to boost engagement:
Georgia Tech in a study looked at 1.1 million random Instagram pictures and discovered these two really interesting bits of information. Pictures with faces get:
10.                     38% more likes
11.                     32% more comments

  • ·       Post more and more stories. Three stories per day will be effectful.
  • ·       More and more hash tags should be in use. You can use 30 hashtags in one run.
  • ·       Work with influencers.
  • ·       Always try to use hash tags related to your post.
  • ·       Try to engage with others by commenting and liking their posts.
  • ·       Try to make your content different from others. It will create a good impact on viewers or your customers.

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