08 May 2020

Virtual Summer internship 2020 is here.. Join in !!!

We must understand that as the world is now digital, virtual internships are indeed possible and doable.

It is often said that change is the only certainty in all of life. Hence, where there is change, we need to grab it and make the most of it.For, this will indeed make us victors and not victims in the game of life.

In one sector, the digital world is growing rapidly. In another sector, there is a lockdown where noone can move anywhere. Is this a sign that by staying where we can indeed remain product both as interns and later in our jobs too.

With our many connects, we shall indeed make this possible for all. All that our interns need is verve and passion. We welcome you to share your skills with the world as it is also looking for people like you. We are here to connect the two of you.

This summer, we welcome you to step in with us.

Do step in to the digital world with us.

IDM along with our Partner Companies since 2010 is dedicated to promoting and developing opportunities for the Youth, Student and Education industry. Our Network of HR professionals, college recruiters, and career Experts have Caused this with a focus on building and sustaining our Wonderful Internship Program to develop the next generation of talent ! We create Opportunities, bringing students and companies under one roof and create a win-win situation to enhance and grow in their chosen field. #internship #internshipopportunity #internship2020 #internshipprogram #interns #students #education #mba #engineeringstudent #studentsuccess #internshipprogram #internships #internshiplife #summerinternship #theinternship #internshipdays #mba #mbalife #bms #bmm #bca #bsc #diploma #paidinternship #studentlife @intershala @internshipacademy @mumbai_students @mouthshut.com @pagalguy_hq @kjssc_cf @vjtistudentactivities

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  1. Hello Digital Marketing Institute representative, I'm interested to find out more about this virtual summer internship that this blog post is about. Where can I find further infomation in relation to this? Thank you in advance. Have a good day and week ahead. Kind regards, David Mc Donald.


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