18 June 2020

25+ AI Tools that have made digital marketing extremely easy for us to succeed!

Digital marketing is here to stay. Let us know more about How AI is Imapacting it.

Once upon a time, I thought of getting into digital marketing. So, using Grid's AI, I made a full-fledged, working, and professional looking website for a client. And created their first digital marketing campaign using Albert-AI. Now, we needed content for the website. We straightly went to the Concurred-AI tool to figure out exactly which topics should I create content on and used Quill's AI algorithm to generate a lot of meaningful content. And optimized the website's contents for SEO using the AI tools of Alli AI and Can I Rank. Now we got a ranking on SERPs and landed some real customer engagement (Woohoo!:).
Now to ensure quick query-solving of the visitors, we deployed an AI-powered chatbot of Conversica on the website. To further encourage engagement, we started sending customized e-mails to all of our e-mail subscribers with the help of Phrasee-AI. Using Yext-AI, we easily analyzed customer reviews and comments and Pave-AI's tool for customer data analysis enabled us to know our areas-of-improvement.
Now, with such an optimized site, we could hardly resist going for digital advertising. So, we just used the AI tools of Adext-AI and Pattern89 to optimize our digital advertising budgets and automate our advertising! 
And we lived happily ever after...

Sounds too AI-fairy-tale-ish... right?
Well, all those tools exist for real and companies use them every day to make many such stories come true.

We can see that tools like Wordsmith, Articoolo, and Quill are already being used by the Associated Press and Forbes to create news, which leads to clicks on their websites. The same technology is being used by the New York Times, BBC and Reuters.
Articles in the Washington Post are also many-a-times credited with artificial intelligence technology. It is clear that Digital Marketing is now largely run by AI tools and if you are into digital marketing and not aware of them, you would be left behind. Below, I have compiled some of the most popular AI tools for Digital Marketing that can be used by you to up your game. So, Read on...


1)Grid: It can create a webpage based on the information provided by a user (such as images, call for action, text, etc.)

2)Sketch2Code: Sketch2Code, launched by Microsoft in late 2019, transforms simple pen and paper designs into an HTML prototype with the help of AI. It understands what the designer is designing and translates it into an HTML code, essentially ruling out the need for manual HTML coding.


1) ALBERT: This AI software controls the online marketing strategies and performs consistent optimization to meet the goals of the business. Albert advises the time as well as the place to engage with customers and consistently suggests strategies to reach the target goal. 

2)ACOUSTIC CAMPAIGN: Campaign is a digital marketing platform that uses data insights to design more effective campaigns. It uses behavioral and profiles data from any source to create relevant campaigns across email, web, mobile push, SMS, social, group messaging, and offline channels including telesales and mail.

3)Campaign Hero App: What if you have a digital marketing consultant in your phone? Well, this is what Campaign hero is all about. This app manages all of our Facebook ads, google ads, and other digital ads free of cost! Its AI tech analyses large data and optimizes our ad campaigns accordingly. 


1)Concurred AI: Concurred AI has an unrivaled knowledge of what the audience cares about. It analyses the content people consume and understands why it’s successful. And by figuring-out what engages people the most, it provides you with an optimized content creation strategy.

2)MarketMuse: MarketMuse is an AI-powered research assistant that accelerates content creation and optimization so you can win in organic search. 

There are a lot of AI tools for content creation other than these two mentioned above like Acrolinx, , Narrato.io, Quill, Wordsmith, and Articoolo.

Dotscience Blog. Content creation with AI - Part 1


1)Alli AI: All AI offers us a simple and sturdy method for gaining traffic, creating standard backlinks, and gauge the outreach of our business. This is achieved by organizing the SEO strategy, locating backlinks, receiving codes, and optimizing the content. 

2)Can I Rank: This AI tool accumulates data from plenty of SEO-websites and then present its recommendations with explanations. It provides the keyword SEO difficulty score so that the customer can decide the exact keyword, which works particularly for their webpage. 


1)Conversica: Conversica provides the service of an AI-powered chatbot with human-like communication to your website. It can also send personalized e-mails to your customers written in a very human-like way.

2)Dialogflow: Dialogflow is the basis of voice search on most of the platforms such as; Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, or even Facebook Messenger. This is a Google supported program and runs with NLP.

There are many other good options available for AI-powered chatbots in the market like; Hubspot, Liveperson, and Drift.



1)Phrasee - This AI-Powered Language Tool makes optimal subject lines for an email to increase the rate of conversion, opens, and clicks. 

2) Automizy- Automizy is an Email Marketing Automation software. It offers AI-powered Subject Line Tester, AB testing, Resend, and Email Automation.

3)Rasa.io - This AI framework focuses on the content that engages the audience the most and adjusts the stories in the upcoming emails accordingly.


1)Yext: Yext concocts a huge quantity of data, analyses the customer reviews, and after that gives preference to the ones that need to be answered quickly.  

2)Frase: Frase answers your visitors' questions by making use of your website content. And hence improves the SEO and drives conversion.


1)Pave AI: This Artificial Intelligence-powered tool uses the data of Google Analytics to enhance your marketing strategy. Pave AI combines marketing to the customer’s data from unique stages and evaluates them to figure-out whether which things work and which things need improvement.   

2)Oribi: Oribi's AI simplifies analytics to enable marketing and product teams to get critically useful data without any help from developers.

Top 10 Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing - USM
                                                                                                         (source:usm business systems)


1) Adext-AI: It provides optimization of the advertisements on applications, such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. It can recognize and determine the most beneficial applications and then direct the spending towards them.

2)Pattern89: Pattern89 utilizes intelligent retrieval to make the optimized use of bid, finance, and sales channel for Instagram, Google ads, and Facebook.

CONCLUSION: Digital Marketing is one of the fastest affected fields due to AI. From the present scenario of AI in digital marketing, it is evident that Digital marketing would be nearly fully automated and optimized soon. One who foresees this possibility can adapt to working with AI and have an edge over the competition. In a way, AI empowerment in this field is good for all small scale organizations as AI technology empowers us to fight the monopoly of a few wealthy organizations. I wish you all Digital Marketers a happy journey ahead in AI empowerment.


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