03 June 2020

Effective ways of writing a blog or article


An article is one of the tools if learning from others experiment and observations.  With the help of an article it is easy to conclude a topic in limited words, but authenticity of an article always matters. Before writing an article a writer must keep some important parameters in his mind such as selection of relevant topic, proper format of the article, words limit, problem solving capacity so on and so forth.

At the first stage of article writing, writer must have to select his target audience. After selecting his target audience it is important to select a relevant topic either which is trending or searched by the most of the people.

An article required a deep research work. A writer must have proper knowledge about that particular topic. It is not important that your every article will trend on social sites or get the maximum views. It is the indication that you haven’t selected a relevant topic or key words. It is also possible that time of publishing your article was not appropriate.
Following are the tips for now bloggers or article writer by which he/she can get the maximum views.
·       Break your article into small paragraphs.
·       Target your audience
·       If required delete and re-publish your article
·       Use relevant hashtags
·       Post your article on regular basis.

·       Select proper image
·       Build relationship with your followers
·       Tag few peoples in your article.
·       Chose the topics that interest you, “no fun for the writer means no fun for the reader”.

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