13 June 2020

How technology changes our lives to move towards success

Today's world is one where technology plays a vital role in growth as well as for our daily requirement.
First of all we need to know what exactly is technology is. Technology is a set of knowledge/skills/creativity/innovation which are used to control the factors of production like Land, Labour, Capital, Entrepreneur to bring result in the form of output of product or services that nowadays we get.It includes machines and techniques both.Technology itself is a very wide term .We get everyday GD topics or even essay to write or speak on this topic as the whole country is impacted because of the technology .Impacted as in the positive form or negative one.It's always been in the controversial topics as whether technology is a boon or bane?, Is technology making us less human?, what can be the impact of technology? Like these and so on..

Now, technology is what we start our day with, and it iss becoming an integral part of everyday life. Technology has made our life easy. It changed our way of thinking. Technology development and innovation are part of life and usually welcome but there are always two sides to a coin.

We  all have been introduced many more modern technology. These include things  like online shopping, accessing bank accounts, Railway, Air,Bus bookings and courses in the educational field. Technology has made it possible for all to easily communicate with anyone and everywhere , So that it is surely a boon when we use it in a right way.
However, on the other side of the coin there are many disadvantages of technology only because of the human mindset. People misuse it in various ways. People are wasting their time on Internet by continuously active on social media all day, where time is costly. It also leads to increased social stress level, pollution due to modern technology and even terrorist attacks due to exchange of information using technology. There are the main disadvantages of  technology. Even a little slip up can  dangerously harm us in  different ways.

When we come into impact, it has almost impacted everyone's lifestyle and economy in terms of :-
- business
- jobs
- worklife
- economy
- student
 and even our day to day life.

Today, we see a company like Reliance very successful in profit making because of the effective and efficient use of technology that they used .
Like they made applications for connecting customers .There is telecom sector where they have Jio phone sim and recharge plans.They have Media Music as in the form of applications i.e Jio Saavan.Banking i.e Jio payment bank Petroleum, textiles amd so on.
That is how they are making money out of it by using technology in every field with manpower requirement as well.

Technology is beneficial as-
1. It increases higher productivity
2. Global competitivenes is there
3. Ease of work
4. Communication becomes easier
5. new job roles emerges
6. Multi skill and multi tasking labours are needed.

When we see about students , they are mostly affected young population .The. internet gives them space to search on the topic they want to learn about if they hesitate to ask in front of teachers or even if they want to learn more about the topic that the teacher dose not knows or even for clearing their doubts.They can explore more about the things.This is the positive side but the other side is young ones get addictied , diverted to studies and even misbehaves with family if they use technology adversely.

So it is advisable to let student use technology in effective way.
Another is Jobs -Different kinds of new jobs are emerging nowadays . For example cyber security specialist, app developer, digital marketing, Big Data AnalystDemand for technologically skilled youth has increased and so developed countries use technologically advanced people.
Therefore it results in ultimate growth of economy.

New roles are also emerging like
Doc app
Vloggers etc
There is application for everything:
Health -Doc app
Locomotion -ola or uber
Social- Fb , insta, whatsapp
Pleasure- Mind fresh apps
Game - Pubg
Music - Spotify
Education - unacademy
Transfer of money - paytm

Technology plays great role in promoting and attracting more customers in  the business market. The marketplace is becoming hyper competitive and so there is use of more innovative ways todrive more customers through- warranties, quality description. Ratings, feedback , reviews, discount, offers and high customer service . 
Digital technology supports marketing process. There is exponential rise in these digital marketing jobs. 

The techniques includes in digital marketing are :
Content marketing
Social media
Pay per click
Videos and blogs are most affective marketing process.

So, if we conclude we get to know that :
It's not about whether technology is a boon or bane , right or wrong , advantages or disadvantages , rather than it is more of what type of technology and in what extend is the technology useful.We created technology and so we have the control to access it.There is Artificial Intelligence, but we still need humans to control them .As we created this technology so we should use it in effective way.So, it's a just of game of balancing that we do in our personal and professional life .Technology doesn't make man. Man makes technology. Science has gifted us the super technology. Let us learn to use it well.

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