08 June 2020

India zooms to success in 2020 and beyond with AI and digital entrepreneurship!

The digital world is here to stay. We all need to know this to move forward in the new world which is digital. Where is India here ?,


Though obviously later than the developed nations, India has certainly made a start.

The dawn of AI in India in the present is pointing towards an extremely bright and welcoming Future.

According to reports, AI is believed to boost the rate of innovation in India by about 230% in just the upcoming two years!

A study by IT giant Accenture says AI has the potential to add nearly $1 Trillion to the Indian economy just by changing the form of work and generating better outcomes for businesses. It is also predicted that AI empowerment could add up to 15% to India's income until 2035.
                                                                                                            Keeping such figures in mind, the government sector is also showing glimpses of employment generation. A good example can be of the Union Cabinet's national mission on cyber-physical system technologies that would create 40,000 jobs in the short run and 200,000 jobs in the long run.

Artificial Intelligence has a great scope in India because of our vast and majorly young population. With applications like Google Virtual Assistant being increasingly used by various groups of the population from urban as well as rural India, in their own languages and dialects, signifies that AI has already started to deepen its roots in the country.

Provided the huge percent of the population already using smartphones and the Internet and the 'Digital India' wave flowing through the country, it can be speculated the country could be using a lot of AI in near future largely through smartphones and yes, by the urban and the rural population alike.

In the corporate world, when almost all software companies and large industries we're already keen on hiring AI professionals trained in the field of Machine Learning, the current pandemic scenario will further catalyze the demand to automate their operations using AI.

Creating an increased demand for AI professionals in the world and India as well.

The Chariot of AI has been pulled so far till here through a way full of obstacles, by our highly competent Workforce. And abled Workforce is what we need to pull this Chariot forward to the future.

It has been seen all around the nation. For instance -

•The Indian army is on the way to implement AI  to eliminate human error in weapon systems, surveillance.

• The Ministry of Housing has ordered the implementation of AI algorithms to help curb corruption in bookkeeping.

• The government is also planning to implement artificial intelligence in Indian agriculture, banking, schooling, and the army.


As of 2019, around 72,000 professionals stood employed in the sector of AI- almost double from 40,000 in 2018. Out of the new jobs created, 23,000 were generated by Bengaluru, 17,000 by Delhi, and 9,000 by Mumbai. But, the majority of the workforce -around 65%- comprises of experienced professionals transitioning their jobs to AI.

Whereas, the number of freshers stepping into AI career stood at 6000.

While these figures might not be very impressive while considering a job in AI in India, what might actually surprise you is the fact that the demand for the workforce in Indian AI actually outnumbers the supply!

In spite of being in demand, 2,500 job positions in AI remained unoccupied in 2019, due to the shortage of required talent!
Limited availability of required workforce remains to be one of the biggest obstacles in the path of AI-enabled India. While countries like China produce thousands of PhDs in AI every year, India's number still lies in a few hundred.

While major institutes of the country like IISc (Bangalore), IIT (Bombay), IIT (Delhi), IIT (Guwahati), IIT (Hyderabad), IIT (Kanpur), IIT (Kharagpur), CDAC ( Pune) and IIT (Madras) do offer quality education in AI, we need more such institutions.

While a limited workforce is not the only challenge, there are some other big hurdles as well.

Changing mindsets
As entrepreneurs, we do need to change our mindset. Once this is done, everything else shall follow. We must change our thinking to understand everything is digital now. Even a child can operate this so we need to understand our new customer and market to them.

We need to learn how to market digitally by 
a. Being active on all digital platforms.
b. Building our brand on all of them
c. Sharing digitally on all platforms
d. Making the process efficient and complete

This is not impossible. One just has to begin. With Covid-19, this is perhaps  more relevant and important.

The internet is the new digital advertising medium. Further, social media is the new arena of digital marketers. To remain modern those who are in business need to work on an online presence to make oneself understood by all.

To keep it up with the ever changing scenes. digital marketing experts need to stay in step with the evolving technical trends. Social media marketing companies works to research consumers. what makes them engage with brands. We train you to find the best online solution. This will cater to the clients, end-users and queries in the easiest way. Possible whether it is developing new technology or adapting to trends.

The good thing about the digital world is that the audience is global. At the same time,  capturing attention is not at all easy. This can be done only through making content  which is customer friendly and attractive. For this, we need to understand all aspects of the digital advertising. All the social media 
platforms need to be completely understood and used.

Through our course, we will help you understand this new emerging world, So that you can use the appropriate tools.

Join us at IDM to remain updated and effective in the digital world so that you are not left behind.

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