Let us see why digital entrepreneurship shall make us succeed!

Now, in the new era that is primarily digital, a large number of start-ups are embracing the digital medium.

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The digital age has arrived and this is truly a game changer. All businesses, including SMEs are changing the way they carry out business and going digital. In India, the country and its citizens are enjoying the digital world due to the ‘Digital India’ initiative taken by the government. For, this has made it possible for the internet to reach different parts of the country.

Now, the scope for existing and budding entrepreneurs has grown fourfold. As per a 2018 report on Digital India by the Government of India, the country is amongst the top 2 countries globally on multiple dimensions of digital adoption, China being the other leader. India has the world’s largest digital identity program with over 1.2 billion Aadhar cards issues to the country’s adults (99per cent of the population).

With 1.18 billion mobile phone subscriptions, 429.2 million internet subscriptions, 250 million social media users, India’s digital integration is one of the highest in the world.  The digitisation drive has fuelled the integration of different businesses, industries and communities to create a digital ecosystem. Further, digital tools and services have made digital entrepreneurship easy for all. It does look promising for the growth of this respective sector in the near future.

Start-ups galore
The ‘Startup India’ movement initiative of the Indian government has been very successful. It has had a lot of impact on the country’s industrial sector. It has also led to a large number of digital start-ups blossoming in the country, making it the hub for new IT ventures. Each day, we see new  companies in the digial world come to life and begin operations in the industry. Some of them have seen great success in the Information Technology market right since they began. The main reason for this is the scope for businesses in the market.
Due to the digital domain, it has become comparatively easier as you can start your work right from your home or a shared workspace. Many of the new entrepreneurs are extremely talented, well versed with the markets and the evolving digital space, and are very efficient in terms of the work and functioning of their businesses.

The new wave
As highspeed internet is available everywhere. digital literacy is on a constant rise. This has made a huge number of people aware and proficient in the internet This is a new market and new era.

Covid and post Covid
Even in the Covid and post Covid situation, the digital media has made it possible for all to be productive and effective. Everyone is understanding the power of this medium.

Our Views
The new world is digital. We have trained many people digitally and made it possible for all to understand the new language of today, which is digital.

The digital world is already abuzz with the constant growth and developments. The digital revolution is evolving rapidly and will only flourish from here on.

Join us at IDM to remain updated and effective in the digital world so that you are not left behind.

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