04 June 2020

Motivation and self esteem - They are like heaven. Use them to succeed!

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In this competitive world where everyone wants to be better than other. It is very tough to survive in the hope that other will give them their success mantra for life. It is very important have confidence in your own to be successful and achieve goals. Because a mentor can only tell you as a guidance what to do but can’t do the things in your place.

The most important question for you now is to ask from yourself –Are you self-motivated. Do you believe in your capabilities?

Think once.

Masters of why need to have self esteem and motivation
Every individual must have this personality trait of self-esteem i.e. have confidence in own abilities and worth. It effects a person psychologically because if you don’t have this you will not have self-worth and personal value. If you are going to do a work you will not have confidence to do it, in way you had planned. From the beginning it starts effecting to anyone if not taken cares. A small child is also not able to tell a poem in childhood, if he/she is not trained to be self-motivated he/she can also not develop in younger age to be confident. This may lead to fear in many places like-
ü You will not share your own thoughts with others.
ü You will be shy and reserved in nature
ü You will try to copy others.
ü You will be nervous and scared in public speaking
ü You will try to impress others by what they want.
ü You will be introvert
ü Everyone will just use you for their need.
ü It can lead to depression

Low self-esteem has a psychological dimension that is closely related to suicide risk.
Total 44,965 people die by taking their lives, every year due to this reason only. And for every one of them, 25 more people make an unsuccessful suicide attempt — which can result in further deterioration of a person’s mental and physical health.
These few factors will generate a huge hurdle in life. Either you want to do any type of profession this need to be taken care of.

How to overcome this?

We have to overcome this overcome this ourselves. No one in this world can motivate you to do anything if you don’t want to. Some methods and ways which can help in overcoming are:
ü Start talking too yourself. This will lead to generate emotions for yourself. You will better understand your worth and capabilities.
ü Start a habit of appreciating yourself for an achievement. This will build a memory in your mind which is positive.
ü Stop entertaining others. Don’t do anything to impress others.
ü Talk to your family or friends about your problem.
ü Start meditation or yoga. Regular exercise can also keep your mind calm and concentrated.
ü Try to learn how to accept your mistakes. Do not think that one failure will also be repeated.
ü Be optimistic in nature.
ü If it is increasing and you must consult to the good Doctor.
ü Listen to music.
ü Start reading motivational blogs.
ü Inculcate the habit of sharing your personal thoughts and problems with someone you trust.
Try to make your goals in life, what you are and what you want to be in future, what are the steps which will make you achieve that. Choosing an Ideal in life can always help in getting motivation. You family member or any celebrity anyone can ne your ideal whom you admire.
Proper care and clinical attention is needed for evaluation and care if low self-esteem.
Achieving a healthy mental state is most important to be successful and happy in life, then only you can give happiness to others. Be such individual who don’t have any hesitation in life.

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