05 June 2020


As we all know that the whole world is facing the biggest pandaemic “covid-19”. During the toughest time of life all are wondering about their future what would be the upcoming opportunities in near  future or how all are going to survive . this pandaemic badly affects the financial position of all over the world , education system health care , autombiles sector , businesses and many more sectors as well. During the time of pandaemic its not  the time for  wondering about future it’s the real time where you can showcase you talent and utilizing the time by doing productive work or learning meaningful lessons . at this time whole country is in lockdown everyone’s have locked in their houses so it’s the best time for gaining knowledge and earning through the various online platform .

Nowadays online platform is becoming everbody’s choice to enhance their knowledge and earning handsome amount through the various online platform such as Digital marketing , social media marketing and many more . students can utilize their time in learning and exploring knowledge through the best sites of education like udemy , unacademy , vedantu . all of can do their work as per their interest . This is the best time for  showcasing your innovative and creative ideas .in busy world no one can  get a couple of time to explore their writing skills , writing is an art and everybody’s wants to express their feelings in form of writing novels and books. It becomes very easier to writing any article or story to getting published in online platform such as kindle book and reach to millions of peoples in all over the world .

As we all know that in today’s  time many people earns from online through mobile, laptop, desktop and many other sources .Their are many works can be done  online to earn easily from home. Many people earn good income from this job. You  can make it as a passive income also or exceed in your carrier opportunity in future.Their are many example from which people are earning from this like by doing Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Become a freelancer on many online working company like Upwork.com, Become a freelancer.com etc. You can become a seller on many E-Commerce website to sell your product online and earn a good income every month. 

Since also most of the people thought that online earning can not be your carrier option. But their assumption was wrong as  in my view. Blogging or vlogging both are in the top in the field of Earning or income. The live example here is YouTube . Here many creaters earns a lot of money by sharing their talent to millions  of people among the world.  There are many creator who makes the video and share their talent and  money. This is the best carrier option in Online field that is YouTube. 
Some apps & websites are  their where you can earn money online:-

Youtube is the best platform where you can show your all interest and showcase your talent in whole over the world and getting appreceation from your beloved audience. This is the platform were no age bounding is compulsory it depends only one’s creativity and innovative thoughts . everything from cooking shows to political debates , dancing shows , comedy shows whatever talent u have it’s the right platform to showcase your talent.

Kindle book 

If you love to write and present your thoughts in all over the world kindle is the best platform were you fulfill your dreams of writing.writing is an art and not everyone have interest in writing it’s a golden opportunity for writing a novels or books published within a 5 minutes and reaching a millions of readers on amazon .

Online tutoring 
Education is the most important part of  everybody’s life .nowadays getting education from online is becoming  the best way of learning, and it provides means to connect online with students of all ages , across the country . every one is get benefitted with the online education . UNACADEMY , UDEMY , vedantu thse are the some online tutoring app which helping children , youth and all generations of people in achivieng their goals in future.
Blogging starts with the interest , hobby and passion of doing something and it becomes a carrer option for many bloggers . and with the help of blogging many earn huge amount and live a wonderful life. It gives bloggers a huge respect in the digital world .and you monetise the blogs through ads , productive reviews and so on.


A)Online earning is too much time taking process and it is true that learning and earning might be convenient and flexible, but learning these all have to be very careful and be patience. it is also a solo act . it will not be easy for all learners  to give ample of time in earning money.
B)Too much of time spent in front of a computer screen may be harmful.
C)It requires a lot of self discipiline . 


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