17 June 2020

Reach out and touch benefits of experiential learning in workplace to succeed

Experiential learning
Learning are of many types, here we are talking about experiential learning. It’s nothing new but we all go through this learning in some or other work, not compulsorily related to study.

It is learning through our own experience in the real time i.e. learning through doing a work practically in reality. Experiential learning is outside the boundaries of remembering the theories, facts and figures .This is something which gathers knowledge, skill, and information by experiencing that particular thing. Example –A sportsperson can never be a player by remembering the rules and regulations in the classroom, he/she needs to go to the field or ground to play and experience how the game is played and know the complexity associated with that game. This real experience in the only thing which leads to the creativity and innovations in the sports.

Similarly, in each and every work experiential learning is very much needed to understand better and excel in it.
Have you ever thought why a student go through an internship even after completing his/her whole course properly and knowing all the theories and strategies? Why do we have a practical labs of different subjects in the schools or institutes?

Experiential learning is the answer, we all need to experience to be perfect. This learning is also their when we are born we are taught to walk and talk not by books or classrooms but by walking and talking in real, we fall down we try again we walk and learn from our mistakes this leads to make us run someday. This is needed to be applied everywhere like this.         

Experiential learning in workplace:

 “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand,” – is a Chinese proverb. As it says, we all need to go through experiential learning in the workplace to be an asset for organisation. This only leads to make our hand fit on the job by applying the skills and knowledge.
·       When an employee is hired they are first trained for the works and then according to the progress they are assigned work.
·       When a soldier is recruited they also go through the problems and situation which they may go through in future.
·       A construction company also assigns a case study of actual events for a better experience.
This is one of the reason why majority of the companies hire an experienced person not any fresher for vacant posts.
 Let’s know the benefits of this in workplace
1.   This makes our involvement in an increased rate in the learning. We get more focused in what we do due to the accountability on us.
2.   While doing any work in reality we gather more information of the related things which can be applied
3.   This leads to innovation and creation of new ways, means, techniques, etc.
4.   This teaches us how to analyse the experience.
5.   An active implementation is done in experiential learning.
6.   The most important thing is that it makes us learn about how to deal with the mistakes and the failures in the workplace, which we might face while working.
7.This brings a professional skills, behaviour, personality and appearance which we have to carry forward.

Hence, the experiential learning is very important for everyone as normal study will teach you what to do but this will let you know how to do this.

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