08 June 2020

Skill India to succeed and move forward in 2020 and beyond!

“A small summary of Skill India which aims providing emloyment to youth."
As we know India is the 2nd  largest Populated country in the world. It has abundance of skilled labour force. More than 54% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 62% of its youth in the working age group ( 15-59years ).By 2020, it is estimated to be 29 years.Not just skilling youth itself is important for growth of economy but creating a skilled labour surplus to meet the skill deficit in the advanced economies which is less in working age group.

We have the rich culture of different demographic dividend that are the root cause of economic growth. The total work force of our India stands nearly 487 million and approx 16.16 million people enters the work every year.The policy for skill development was first made in 2009. Its objective was to create "to create a workforce empowered with improved skill, knowledge and internationally recognized qualifications to gain access to decent employment and insure India's competitiveness in the global market". after that National policy on skill development and Entrepreneurship was formulated in 2015.This policy aimed at achieving skill with speed, standard and sustainability. So creating a skill ecosystem is of utmost importance. A way forward is that in its journey to become a super power in the global economy, what India need is not just graduates who hold a degree, but a skilled vibrant youth force who meet global skills standards and satisfy the futuristic skill demand.

When its come to Indian education system, there is very less importance in "vocational aspect" that is skill development which we can see in the China . China is the country where skill develop education is the basic part of education. They also have specific courses for specific skill and that is why China do so well in manufacturing as well in economic growth. This is the one of the important flaws of India that we dont recognize the importance of skill labour force. We have set an ecosystem in which public sector has joined hands with private sector .NSDC is the body in which public and private sector is the party of it. There is a huge market for skill manpower in the whole world which is one of the opportunity for India. This can be tapped by the country who has maximum youth like India. Today, not only in India but globally we need to export our skill youth .Every parents wishes to educate their child from the best teacher and that best teacher comes from  where ? Have we ever thought of ? Students ask for best institute or best school or colleges . There is a huge demand for best one .But we need to know that  this ''best '' word comes from the best teacher And when we talk about best teacher, they are the one who since from the begining dreams to educate rather than the one who wishes to become engineer, doctors, CA and when they fail to achieve their wish , they simply go for teacher.

In today’s scenario the whole world is facing and struggling with the biggest pandemic covid-19 , how we overcome through this is becoming the major hindrances in the part of our education system. In the lockdown period no students would seating idol at their home , it’s the time where students can utilize and showcase their  talent in front of the whole world . india is day by day in the stage of becoming digital and with this digital platform learning becomes very easy and useful . anyone from anywhere can take this golden opportunity and enroll  in various courses and start their carrer in whatever field they interested too. schools and colleges provide a learning platform online with the help of digital apps like ms team , zoom etc . likewise all offices , organisations also providing facilities for employee so that  employee  can do their work from home and sharing their contribution to country . skills are something that no one can stop or not any worsed situation can stop it . If a person have skill then he or she will be able to give their best in good or worsed situation and show talent in such a biggest pandemic. 

Skill development is the most important thing for the development of any country, including India . For  that, the government should focus on the skill development sector in order to make the skill india campaign a successful model by  achieving the mission of” Kushal Bharat” or “Atmanirbhar Bharat’. The benefits of skill development is reflected in growing economy and the number of jobs in a country .India find itself where young people are entering the workforce every year. And it become very important to maintain the quality of jobs that is provided by the government . India is growing very rapidly by giving the skill training in the country and it has improved in recent years .many new startups have been coming  and youth getting many opportunities and contribute in the development of the country .

We just need to focus on 3 word that is skill, scale and speed .If we give best in these field we will even beat China Our thinking is so limited but  we need to think at large scale globally We need to do "out of the box "and this is what we are doing too. Some are focusing on startups and more creative ideas rather than doing jobs .Money is not everything for a business but ideas, research, confidence, patience makes business successful.
No youth can live their lives by showing their degree but if he / she has talent in itslef then not only he can live but also strengthen others to live their best. 

Mody itself said - A businessman can bring money / dollar from other country , but the teacher brings the whole generation.

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