22 June 2020

Succeed digitally with a Z strategy of zooming towards growth !

Success will come to all of us only when we apply the right tools and process. We bring to you our suggestions and time tested methodology for growth.
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We must know that success comes only when we use the right approach of understanding what our customers are looking for and then provide them solutions to address all their challenges. So, what really is the right attitude?

The correct attitude
We often hear of people who approach people knowing they shall win. This really does not happen automatically. One needs to understand what people are looking for and prepare to meet their needs completely. After knowing what we are offering, we need to reach out to them. Here too, we need to know the correct manner in which we reach out. For this, we need to listen, listen and listen. This would make the customer, both potential and current, that we are their allies which is why they shall surely listen.

Digital transformation and growth

We must know that the digital world is here and so we need to transform ourselves digitally. People are already comfortable in this domain. This is something that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure. So, more than just a change, it is a cultural change as mindsets need to be addressed.
That message is given by almost every keynote, panel discussion, article, or study related to how businesses can remain competitive and relevant as the world is indeed transforming itself and becoming digital. Clarity, however, is missing here. Some think it is just a catchy way to say moving ahead in the new world. We need to know while some people may automatically become digital some may take a little more time and so aim, to convert them too.

Sales as a beginning
Once we have indeed triggered interest, we do need to also note that there may be many doubts. A good sales is only when all doubts are clarified and a solution given so that the customer trusts us more and more.
Even though the relationship between humans and machines is growing ever closer, it’s much too early to describe many of these collaborations as symbiotic.
The current relationship between people and computers is probably best described as transactional.

When humans have specific types of problems, we’ve built and trained machines to solve those problems.

Examples include machine learning or ML. The ML algorithms that can identify cancer in brain images. The algorithms can also determine the best placements or designs for online ads, and there are deep learning systems that can predict customer churn in business.

At the moment, we can only imagine how much more productive we will become as we form symbiotic relationships with AI. Routine tasks that currently take hours or days could be abbreviated to 10 or 15 minutes with the aid of a digital partner.

From simple exercises like finding a new restaurant to more expert tasks such as cancer detection, we will increasingly rely on machines for everyday tasks. Dependence on machines might begin as a “second pair of eyes” or “ a second opinion,” but our commitment to machines (and AI) will evolve into full-on digital collaborators.
This can be done by all businesses including MSMEs as digital processes are completely democratic for all. All one would need to do are form a team that is bound to be available for the customer always. This is fortunately completely possible, digitally. We know MSMEs have many things happen digitally now. For instance Zomato understood what people where looking for and stepped in. It provides information, menus and user-reviews of restaurants, and also has food delivery options from partner restaurants in select cities. It understood what their potential customers were looking for and hence, did succeed.

Win-win approach
Even after a sales is made, a good organisation that believes in a win-win approach, shall always remain connected with their client as this is how both will grow further and succeed more.

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