12 June 2020

Success of digital entrepreneurship in Girish Mathrubootham's Freshworks

Everyone begins with a thought, the thought then fructifies through action and then becomes a great success story, like in the case of Girish Mathrubootham.
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Some things that Girish shares are -
1.     ‘When we started with Freshdesk, our whole plan was that Version 1 was going to be the first stop. We aimed to build a complete solution for the customer’s journey to eventually create a unified product. If we go back to 2005 and look at some of the products that we were using, we had Ericsson, Motorola, LG or Samsung for mobile phones, Canon, Nikon or Kodak for cameras, and Sandisk or Transcend for MP3s, Sony or Samsung for DVD players and Tom Tom or Garmin for GPS. Now, I want you to pause for a minute and think about these product categories. Each one of these categories was distinct. A lot of research and innovation had gone into building these products. As customers, we all assumed that we needed to buy all these products. Now I want you to take that analogy and apply it to business software. Imagine an iPhone moment in business software.’
2.   Girish joined them as the lead engineer pre-sales and moved to product management in a year.
3.    ‘I told him that the environment is bad, we are not hiring and I understand that. Why not allow me to head back to India and scale the venture from there as it would be much better ROI (Return on Investment) for the company. I was back in Chennai by June but by then my team had really stepped up and was running on autopilot. I was suddenly a member of the management team, which I found extremely boring. My job was to attend meetings and resolve conflicts and disputes. I am the guy who loves getting his hands dirty so this new role wasn’t for me.’
4.   ‘But all six of the desks had a Mac each. It signalled to me that these guys knew where to spend their money.’
5.    ‘On the face of it, it’s very simple,’ Girish says. ‘What we understood is that you have to map your solution to the global search volume on that problem. You need to innovate on a product for which there is an existing and pressing demand. My favourite analogy is when a customer walks into a store wanting to buy a washing machine. They aren’t at a stage where they can define the solution by saying, “I need to figure out a way to remove dirt from my shirt.” They are likely to say, “I want an IFB Senorita, 6.5 kilograms, front load washing machine.” Now, after they have stated this, the sales person has a chance to either sell the client whichever model they are looking for or convince them to buy a different model, by saying, “Why don’t you consider the new LG model, which is much quieter?”
6.   You have to cater to an already large market, lure the prospect with a superior aesthetic experience, and as soon as the prospect signs up for a trial, make them feel that the product is intuitive and ensure that they choose it on their own. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is key in SaaS, so is competitive pricing.’ Girish believes that the fate of a SaaS start-up depends on the choice of the market, product architecture, pricing, aesthetics and intuitiveness. They must all work in tandem for one to win. Missing any one of these means the product is dead on arrival.

Sales essentially is understanding the customer. Like Girish, we must map our sales to the global customer space. Digital sales make this even easier through techniques of digital marketing like SMM and SEO. We shall help you speak to the customer digitally and grow in the digital world. Join us now.

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