22 June 2020

The key to success in today’s world states a well known billionaire

Mark Cuban, the famed tech billionaire shared with all all the areas of technology he’d focus on if he were to launch a business today. 
Image Sourc : cnbc.com
He was clear he would build it around Alexa and Google Home.
Google Home is the speaker system through which customers can use the voice-activated virtual assistant, accordingly named Google Assistant.
“Alexa skills and scripting Alexa skills is actually very simple however everybody thinks it’s really, really hard. So, this is a great opportunity that even kids can learned he stated
Where the internet was once just an idea, it’s now a mainstay of everyday life. So, too, will AI, according to Cuban.
He warns people not to take AI and its impact for granted. “If you don’t know how to use it and you don’t understand it and you can’t at least at have a basic understanding, he said and encouraged people to at leastt make an effort.
Even with strong interests in AI and virtual intelligence, the 60-year-old Cuban, who is worth $4.1 billion, said he’s no longer motivated to start a business, at least not in the way he was when he was younger.
He also shared that though the good news of having had the level of success I have is obvious, but the bad side is I kinda lost that piss and vinegar because I can think of 50 businesses I could start right now. When people at the level of success he is in know the potential digital marketing has, surely we all need to rethink on this entire domain and its potential now. We do need to begin doing this now else it might become too late.

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