27 June 2020

The secret of success in the ecommerce channel is social commerce!

What really is social commerce? This is really about making it easy for people to complete the purchase they intended to make.
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The fact is, many purchase journeys have too many unnecessary steps in the conversion funnel. Sometimes, it is so complicated that people give up on trying to figure out the process.
This increases the chance our potential customers abandon their purchase and leave your store forever.

The problem is about reliance on software and tech solutions.
We’re all too concerned with the process and making sales through cheap tactics instead of solving genuine consumer problems.

We’re overthinking things.
Because the truth is, you only need two things to create a successful online business.
  1. A product that genuinely helps people solve a problem.
  2. A streamlined purchase journey. One that makes it easy to buy and that begins where the customer is most active and engaged.
You’ll have to find the first on your own.
But for the second, you have to stop looking at things like gamification and low value offers that push the purchase.
You have to examine how you can use technology to create a better customer experience.
This is what all the smartest ecommerce brands in the world are doing with social commerce.
It makes complete sense if you take a second to think about your customers and their actions.
Here, we need to know that
We need to understand that the world is now digital so we need to move accordingly.

The smart option is to implement a social commerce solution that engages users where they are and turns their social media engagement directly into sales.
Essentially, social commerce sells products directly through social media networks.
It does not redirect users to an online store, but offers them the ability to checkout directly within the network they’re using at that moment.
It’s very streamlined and, thanks to chatbot checkouts and autofill for payment and delivery details, means purchases rarely take more than a handful of clicks.
It is all about making it easier for the customer which is what good business is all about. Now, with more technology, the customer is still the kind. One should never forget this fact.

Our views
As the social commerce purchase journey massively outperforms the purchase journey we are familiar with, we need to move forward in this area so that we can be digitally successful.
It means we can effectively implement Amazon’s one-click buy now button on multiple, popular social media networks.
We welcome you in this journey.

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