11 June 2020

Power of Visual Communication in the Digital World

“The more you know, the more you see” one of the famous quotes given by Aldous Husley,(1894-1963). He was near-blind but we can say that his blindness was the blessing in disguise. He is known for his novels and sight-related theory. His contribution in the field of visual communication was commendable.

(Painting of Huxley, 1927 by John Collier)  (Figure 1.0)

First image was found on the cave walls and researchers claimed that they are 4000years of age. The study of symbol and visual communication is called semiotics.
There is no specific theory or formula for visual communication. One image could have different meaning as per its shape, size and colour to the different types of audience. Visual communication involves sign, typography drawing, graphic design, illustrations and so on and so forth.

Evolution theories confirmed that over the course of human existence, we can learn and memorise better that we have seen instead of reading text. This phenomenon is known as picture superiority effect.

                                                                     (Figure 2.0)

In (figure 2.0), anybody can easily understand that left hand side picture is the symbol of a ‘Dog’ but on the other hand to read and understand the meaning of word ‘Dog’ one must have the knowledge of English language.
Now, let’s talk about the visual communication of the modern world. Email was introduced in 1960s and first file was sent in 1970s. Creation of World wide web in 1982 revolutionised the history of digital communication. “Berner lee” had created a system to share information through network of computer. At that time he was working for

European physics laboratory CERN in Swis Alps. By the end of 2000, half of the US population was accessing information through internet. In 2020, more than 8billion are using internet world wide.

Internet users in millions and growth rate                
3,796 %
328 %
8,560 %
2,980 %
(Table 1.0, Source- international world stats)

 In the social media platform visual communication is 40 times more likely to get shared. An article that featured an image after every 75-100 words get double social media shares than article without images. Following are the traits of visual communication in digital platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram
·         Better versatility than verbal communication.
·         High attention grabbing and engagement.
·         Improve your trustworthiness of your messages
·         Give information more quickly and directly.

How you can increasing your Facebook engagement by using virtual communication strategies.

We cannot deny that facebook is providing best advertising platform to business organisations. 1billon users are daily actively scroll their newsfeed and share content with their friends and family members. Major ways to boost your facebook engagement are as follows
·         Analyse the trend and prepare your content accordingly.
·         Post videos regularly,
·         Create facebook groups to boost your engagement.
·         Proper use of Facebook live.
·         Attach post for greater visibility.

There are 600million active users are using instagram and 1billion photos have been liked every day. Records revels that users interaction with brand are 40% higher than facebook and twitter.
For improving engagement
·         Use popular hashtags, tag brand name.
·         Manage photo competition.
·         Promote your brand with rewards and give away.
·         Reward your followers.

Data shows there are 1billion unique monthly visitors are visiting in youtube, 1 out of every 2 users of internet are using youtube. 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. 6billion hours of videos are viewed every month and 500illion hours of video are viewed on youtube every day
Percentage of youtube video viewers.
Inspiration or entertainment
Knowing instruction
Decision what to say
                          (Table 2.0)

For enhancing youtube views one can take various steps such as:
·         Focus on mobile views. 75% of world population watch videos on mobile phone.
·         Post and share your videos at the right time
·         Create videos based on viewer’s interest, passion, emotion and your brand identity.

Key words
Sight-related theory, Superiority effect, Graphic design, Evolution theories, typography drawing.



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