10 July 2020

Applicability of AI in education for success

Artificial intelligence is the summation of human intelligence processes by machines especially computer systems. These processes include learning,reasoning and some correction. Researchers predict that artificial intelligence will be incorporated into the education system at all levels.

In the future it is possible that the artificial intelligence will be the teaching assistant of the day. The AI teaching assistance of the future will work 24 hours each day. When professors who used the AI teaching assistance to respond the students, many of them did not know that they were communicating with AI system. With this, professor was  also able to engage in all the tasks.

In the future an AI system could be used for grading with an adequate program. This would provide the instructor with the time needed to support students and their learning.However with AI comes the possibility of the teachers replacement.The placement of teachers is indeed top provoking of the serious considerations based on the possibilities of  AI systems. Accordingly many universes have limited physical space with increase class sizes . This has impacted on the student’s learning experience. AI systems  could offer personalize learning to individuals which could make learning more applicable to the students degree program.
Research has also indicated that AI system can be used to help with guiding students by using data size to ensure a smooth transition into various education systems. Future AI systems will be able to meet predictions. These predictions will allow institutions to make forecast for curriculum change, staffing needs, various technological solutions to enhance teaching and learning. This insight could save institutions millions of dollars.The recent development of AI has shown the promise for improving accessibility.

Major roles played by AI in education in the future:
·  Teacher’s aid: As the teachers don’t only teach the students but also spend many hours to check their papers and preparing the lessons for the students. However some tasks such as marking the paper could be done by the robots and it will reduce the workload of the teachers. We can do the admission and enrollment processes also through the AI. 
    Connecting everyone:   
    As we know the AI is computer based so it can be connected to different classrooms in anywhere across the world among various nations as well as schools.  
    Improving the existence teaching methods: 
    Teachers are very well prepared with their study material but there might be some mistakes that occur.As the saying goes,”We all are human.”But this is not applicable in Artificial Intelligence. As the AI is not a human and because of that it reduces the chances of mistakes. Additional Support for Students:As no matter how intelligent Artificial Intelligence, it can’t replace the human teacher, but it gives us various additional advantages.

One of the important advantage of the AI is that it can be available for 24/7 and can give the instant answers also.

To conclude, we can say that now the teacher become coaches. Consequently now the teachers will have more time for social skills.The applicability of AI in education can give better education access to the students who live in remote areas.

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