02 July 2020

Career Opportunities In Marketing Analytics

Know the career opportunities in marketing analytic to march towards success!

 Our experience says we can more easily expand the capabilities of understanding how things work and are working.
While doing things our faith is believing that the latest technology is awesome. This is based on culture, experiences that we had in the past and so many reasons.

 If you are data-driven,detail-oriented, and passionate about marketing then you may find success in digital marketing analyst job. A strong background in business intelligence and reporting software is required for marketing analysts and also educational background like business marketing or a similar field is required.
 What is marketing analytic?
Before understanding marketing analytic, let me tell you why marketing analytic is required ? while running your business You may have a gut feeling about what works and what doesn't and you may even be right, but measuring and monitoring a campaign is the only way to prove it. In this scenario marketing analytic helps you to understand big picture marketing trends, determines which program worked and why forecast result works.
 It is crucial for the business must have a keen understanding of what exactly Marketing Analytic means. Marketing Analytic is also known as the Documented Investigation of the market. It informs the firm's planning activities, particularly around decisions of inventory, purchase, workforce expansion, facility expansion, purchase of capital equipment, promotional activities, and many other aspects of the company.
Marketing analysis involves the technology and the processes marketers and brand managers use to evaluate the success and value of their efforts.
There are some techniques that, can help the business to grow. What a Marketing Analyst can do is:
  1. Find the frequency of purchase analysis
  2. Market Share, Brand Research, Value per call analysis.
  3. New Brand Placement
  4. Share of wallet and share among handlers
  5. Return on Investment Analysis
  6. Next Best Product Analysis etc.

 Companies hiring Marketing Analysts
The companies that hire marketing analysts are :-  
Johnson & Johnson
Crescendo worldwide pvt.ltd
E S D S software solutions
Salary of Market Analyst
1.Salary can vary depending upon employers and industry
Median annual salary :$63120
Top 10% Annual salary :more than 121,80
Bottom 10% Annual salary:less than $34,310
2.The National average salary of Market Analyst is $62,829.
3.The average Market Analyst in India is Rs.445,221.

 1. This also Includes,
        Market Research: Rs.496,647   
        Market Analysis: Rs.416,651
        Microsoft Excel: Rs.419,048
E-mail Marketing: Rs.434,245
Data Analytic: Rs. 468,104
Skills required to become a market analyst

1. Market Analyst must be able to develop a strong  relationship with the clients and seniors level executives.
2. Communication - They must also be able to effectively communicate findings
3. Significance to clients – They must build confidence in the clients.
4. Computer and Analytical skills
5. Confidence
6. Multitasking Capability
7. Interpersonal Skills.

Software/Platforms used by the Market Analyst


      Market sights can help with sorting data as well as creating visual results and trends.
      Hub Spot Marketing hub,Looker, Mail chimp All IN ONE Marketing.  
      Software :- Ninja cat,Tap click,Google Analytic etc.

Our views
With so many people moving into marketing analytic, it makes sense to enter this field and understand more about it.


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